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FIND CLASSICAL - books, CDs, sheet music, videos - Needs updating
    SEARCH-engines from Several Stores on One Page
      Also Search Gramophone for Full-Text Reviews
GENERAL & COMPUTER         My computer-work history
    Excellent online resources - But list seriously needs updating!
MACHU PICCHU PhotoDiary         Larger pictures only
    My Peru diary with photos
My PBASE photos    (Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan (Petra),
San Francisco Bay Area.
    Flickr shots (scrolling).  
Flickr photo-sets
Colca Canyon Slide-Show for DSL/Cablemodem
Machu Picchu larger pics for DSL/Cablemodem and with descriptions
OLDER Photos,  PERU Photos - Featured smaller version
    Also, Peru books     Music of the Andes
Angel Island Immigration Station Detention Barracks
    Restoration and Reopening - The walls that talk, Spring '09
A KINDLE WORLD - The Amazon Kindle's impact  
    News, views, and Kindle tips
Argerich - Articles, Interviews, Recordings
    not updated. Adding SOME info soon
    Also, translation of a fascinating 1999 interview
Carnegie Hall Solo Recital Return -3/25/00
    Reports and Photos:  Argerich solos after 19 yrs.
    Also, excerpts from an interesting 1979 interview
Recommended Classical Music books
    Relatively recent ones
SHEET Music - Classical and Popular
    Guaranteed low prices and satisfaction
Freddy Kempf     Palin-Kilkenny letter updates     Hatto hoax Moments 
    Just a start, fotos scanned for or by friends, plus some audio
Evgeni Bozhanov
    Concert Schedule & videoclips
Music Vendor Pricing FAQs - Outdated  
    Will revise for shipping, tax, other policies
Photos of China
    A beautiful series, China News Digest
Family events, recent
    In progress
DVD-ROM samples
    using Titanic '97 screen-captures
Titanic - Historical Emphasis
    Books, videos, music

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