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The River Plate Queen, by Ates Orga
- "a souvenir of a moment."
Noted writer and record producer Ates Orga, who contributes regularly to International Piano and other music periodicals, has offered us an article he wrote of an encounter, in 1978, with Martha Argerich and her interesting thoughts on music making.

I've included, in Ates Orga's reprinted article, some photos seen on the Net in various collections.

"Argerich captivates with focus, virtuosity"
- a review by Richard Dyer of The Boston Globe, Aug. 27, 2004. I got a kick out of Dyer's last sentence.

Fun reading from an older article "The One and Only. (Martha Argerich, pianist)"
from Town and Country, May 1, 2001, by Matthew Gurewitsch.

March 2004 Prokofiev piano concerto 3: Reviews

Translation by Willem Boone of an illuminating iterview
from La Monde de la Musique, Feb. 2004 edition.

Unusual reviews, highlighted:
Argerich's way with Chopin - A review by Robert Stumpf II
Why her Liszt Sonata works so well - by Steve Schwartz
Entertaining review by Jeffrey S. Lehman

Translation by Björn Östlund of an interview in Norway
by Nina Tjomsland for Stavanger Aftenblad Norwaygiven in August 1999.

Teresa Limjoco takes us with her to the Schumann Piano Concerto concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Dutoit, April 8, 2002 (now reposted at "Ciao!")

Translation by Willem Boone of a very interesting article from La Monde de la Musique, May 2001 edition.

Excellent New Yorker article by Alex Ross on the Carnegie Events of Oct. 27-28 and Martha Argerich's take on it all, during a late, long dinner following the 2nd concert.   A new sketch accompanied the hard-copy article.   Here is a plain-page link (not removed by The NewYorker yet) for those who have trouble with javascript or the dynamic links.

Detailed personal reports by pianists, on the Oct.27-28 Carnegie Hall concerts.   Contributors: Dennis Chang, William Hsieh, and Willem Boone.

A very interesting article written by Annie Dutoit about her parents and the impact of the September events in NY has been translated by Maria Elena Hartung for us.

Live in Japan CD booklet notes by Kay Maisky - great reading. {But no longer available}  
Delightful page with info and photos re the Argerich/Maisky tour

Carnegie, 3/25/00Musician of the Year - Musical America: an excellent extended article using info from rarer interviews which shed more light on why Argerich has been so averse to solo playing, with excellent explanations, by Donald Manildi, of the intense audience reaction to her playing.

Sound file and transcribed text of a brief Argerich talk with the BBC about her emotional response to Chopin and his Piano Concerto No. 1 in e minor.  Thanks to Nicholas Barberis for the transcribed text. The audio file is back now, thanks to a good soul.

Interview in Rome Feb 9, 2001: Translation by Paolo Pettinato Interview was given at the end of the concert broadcast.
Interviews not formatted yet for the webpage can be read in text form at the website forum which is only for info on this website's pages. Ongoing Argerich discussions are at Joseph Previte's "Martha_Argerich" forum.

Carnegie Hall Solo-Recital 2000:
Reports, reviews, photos
The image at top-left is a small reproduction of the one by Michael Witte for a New Yorker article by Alex Ross in March 2000. Thanks to Paul Geffen for the original scan.

Beppu '98

Argerich Solos in Taiwan 2000: reports by William Hsieh.
    Taiwan newspaper reports   Nov. 15    Nov. 22.   Found by Paolo Pettinato

Translation of a fascinating interview by Revista Clásica.
Sept. 1999.  Translation overseer: Maria Elena Hartung.

Excerpts from Clavier Magazine interview in 1978 - by Dean Elder - the last interview in English for a periodical until March 2000.

Interview by Anthony Tommasini for The New York Times - March 25, 2000,  Front Page on the day of the March recital.

Interview by Radio Tre, Italy - February 2000, transcribed and translated by Paolo Pettinato.  A brief but interesting interview after a performance of the Beethoven 2nd Piano Concerto with Abbado in Ferrara, Italy.

International Piano Quarterly (IPQ) -- The Summer 2000 edition included a cover feature on Argerich
and is orderable online, at least via a 30-day trial of the online feature, after which there is a rather hefty fee for accessing the site, I'm sorry to report.
    The Summer 2000 feature offered an overview of her piano playing, drawing on recordings and live performances (that survive on tape), set in a historical and biographical context. The magazine is worth supporting if funds allow.  Here is the page for IPQ subscriptions.
    Questions about subscribing (if the subscription link above is not enough) may still be addressable to Orpheus though they are unfortunately slow to respond, by all reports recently.
Here is a link for their current issue at any given time.

Report by Shirley Fleming on the March 2000 Solo Recital, for American Record Guide
    The entire interview is too good as a whole to excerpt, so I'm hoping the publisher will forgive my quoting the entire piece, for that occasion, while crediting the source.

An Internet report by Carl Tait after the March 2000 Solo Recital - from Deja.Com archives.

A vivid account by William Hsieh of that March 2000 solo recital - While I don't share his caveats, it's a fun read.

Concert report by fan William Hsieh on experiencing Argerich's Prokofiev 3rd PC in San Francisco, 1998 - from Sugi Sorenson's amazing Prokofiev website.

Interview by Jura Margulis for The Call Project - unusually candid and illuminating interview, April 1997, in Los Angeles. An alternate site in Spain displays this interview also, should the Margolis page be down or slow.


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