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Photo: FolhaOnline, Brazil (2003) "Nelson Freire e Martha Argerich, na casa da Martha Argerich, em Bruxelas"

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6/24/10 - Video - Martha Argerich Uncovered - a Euronews videoclip of Argerich in a rare interview with the news organization, which I saw via a news alert.  Projetto Martha Argerich, an annual music festival she created in Lugano, is taking place currently and runs until the beginning of July.   The short videoclip of Argerich talking about her festival, with clips from some of the events, is charming.   Click on the video-still when you get there, to start it. It takes a bit longer than usual.

5/7/10 - Audio - Martha Argerich plays Prokofiev's Piano Sonata No. 3 in A minor, Op. 28. Berlin - December 2, 1967, offered for listening at, via kimolerik.
  There has long been a prepared link to easily find Martha Argerich videoclips online, at both Vimeo and YouTube, in the menu box above.

5/5/10 - Chamber Music Recital in Bologna, Italy, May 20, 2010, with Sonig Tchakerian and Gabrielle Shek (violins), her daughter Lyda Chen (viola), and Enrico Bronzi (cello) at the Bologna Festival, Teatro Manzoni.  Martha Argerich will play the Schumann Quintet for piano and strings, as well as other works.
    Thanks to Cesare Pezzi for this alert at the guestbook yesterday.

    As mentioned earlier, the new Concerts/Events Schedule page is kept at, by Paul Rah, and it's quickest to get the information to him there, though I'm glad to forward what I get.

5/3/10 - Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major with the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra conducted by Ozawa, Saturday, April 2, 2011, at 8 PM, New York.   This will be held at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage.  Thanks to Harold J. Sauer for this information.

5/3/10 - Haydn Piano Concerto in D Major with Michael Guttman and his Pietrasanta in Concerto festival in Italy, July 25, 2010.  Here's a video of Guttman discussing the locale and with excerpts of (1) a duo piano piece with Martha Argerich and Alan Kwiek and (2) a duo piano piece (Rachmaninoff) with Martha Argerich and Gabriele Baldocci.  Guttman conducts the Brussels Chamber Orchestra in this, and the festival mixes orchestral with chamber music.  He plays with the Arriaga Quartet there, as first violinist, as well.

    I just remembered having written about them before    David Lively plays a lively Haydn excerpt, which I enjoyed a lot, and speaks a bit about how fortunate pianists are with the material at hand.  He also talks about respecting the final sounds that might have been imagined by composers for the pianos of their time and that "pianists should become fully acquainted with old instruments, in order not simply to imitate but underline today the modernity of the composition of that period" and he plays with zest and expressiveness on today's pianos.

    At the time, I mentioned "surprises" were expected and wondered what they might be.  I've since found out that they included the Franck Sonata (in A, I imagine) and one of the Schumann Sonatas (probably #2, the 'Grand Sonata' ? with Guttman on violin.  Visitors this year might be lucky to hear Argerich et al in pieces like that this year too.

    Also, besides what you see at PYR's Martha Argerich - The Concerts website (including a Verbier appearance in July) which is now the place to go to for Argerich's piano events (and is kept up-to-date and is full of good information), she is also slated (at least she was) to play on or about July 21st with Michel Legrand in an event organized by Olivier Bellamy, who wrote the book (in French only) L’enfant et les sortilèges about Argerich, from Radio Classique and described on a blog by Marylene Delbourg-Delphis.

- Pogorelich subs for Martha Argerich in Tokyo
at the Suntory Hall concert on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, in Tokyo, Japan, which is part of the Orchestra's 2010 Tour of Asia.   Martha Argerich withdrew due to personal family reasons, and her Ravel Concerto in G will be replaced by the Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2.

4/17/10 - New Argerich videoclips - BRIEF Schumann rehearsal clip from Seoul where she is today and the Liszt Totentanz (Audio Only) that she did with Barenboim in Paris in 1986, Part 1 and Part 2.  These are among the more recent placed there by Kimolerik and you can subscribe to his channel there.  Since he gets all these so quickly, I have assumed he has approval for these and will begin announcing these and others I see, for those who don't have subscriptions or haven't run across them..

2/23/10 - Paul Rah has made THE NEW ARGERICH CONCERT EVENTS PAGE.  Please click on either link to see the new Schedule page at  Note the one 'a' that combines first and last name.  But my link will get you there too.

It's a beautiful, elegantly done page (except when the page was briefly vivid yellow )  and I love what Paul has done.  I hope people let him know that his volunteering time to make this available, nicely laid out, and timely (for a change) is appreciated.
    To let him know of concert events not covered yet, write Paul at paulrah1983 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) nz, or PM ('Personal Message') him through his Argerich Concerts blog.  

    Those who have written alerts about Martha Argerich's upcoming events are still encouraged to continue to write about new concerts or cancelled ones at this website's guestbook as well, as it will help people searching for info but who don't know where to go, and the more places with this information visible early, the better for people using Google for information.

    I'll be more likely to post news-updates here now when I run across any especially interesting things, so that people searching for that can find it more easily.  While the 'argerich' yahoogroup will still be used (sparely) for info on anything having to do with this page and for holding reviews so they're not lost in discussions, the best forum for keeping up with Martha Argerich's musical doings is Martha_Argerich yahoogroup, owned by Joseph Previte and run by the amazing Björn Östlund.

Besides other distractions, I've needed to spend a lot of time on my main blog, which is about the Amazon Kindle e-book reader.  When interested in information about the now globally-available device, which many of us love, go to my "A Kindle World" blog to get information and for answers to questions or general help whether or not you have one.

2/22/10 - Help is on the way for the 2010 concert schedule.  Announcement to be made any day.  Until then, I've added Quinten's own events listing, though I've not done link-checks for whatever HTML modifications I made.  Also check the Guestbook for additional events submitted by others (thanks to those too).  There is much more and that will be coming soon when the new sitepage is ready.  Apologies for having not much time to spend here since September but now I may have more time to add NEWS at least when I come across it.

9/13/09 - I've had to update (belatedly) the 2009 concert schedule for some cancellations for two different reasons, one planned..

8/15/09 - I've finally partially updated the 2009 concert schedule, with help of the usual data miners Paul Rah, Rupert, Quentin, and Björn. The changes affect August and early September so far.  Quinten has allowed me to use his events-listing to update the webpage and I'm doing that, having missed some late July and early August listings.  Hippo may have some more but I'm on several projects and can't compare them right now. If anyone finds anything you want listed, please continue to add them to the guestbook, which others can see before I get to them. Thanks for the good detail people have been sending.
    In the July 29 and August 22 listings, the websites involved have extras in that there is a high-quality videoclip for the July 29 one, with Argerich in 2-piano pieces (and superb Haydn by David Lively too) filmed in beautiful Pietrasanta, and a strikingly clear Chopin Concerto 1 movement in an audioclip from the CD made with Rabinovich and the Warsaw Sinfonia

6/15/09 - Martha Argerich in two encores from the Los Angeles Philharmonic broadcast of the Ravel Piano Concerto in G - available online until about June 20.  These are the a 4-hand Ravel Mother Goose 'Garden' with the conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin, I guess (she did this with Michael Tilson Thomas here in San Francisco the same week or so), and one that we did NOT get in San Francisco, the Chopin Mazurka 24/2 !

6/15/09 - Big NY Times story on the Martha Argerich Project at the Lugano Festival.

' But the main draw was presumably Ms. Argerich, who was heard in Manuel De Falla’s “Nights in the Gardens of Spain.” In a piece where instrumental color counts for so much, the vibrancy of her tone proved stunning, whether helping to evoke a lush nocturnal atmosphere or imitating a guitar. After the concert, Ms. Argerich, a night owl, is said to have followed her familiar pattern of having a bit of dinner, then rehearsing into the late hours. It is a pattern her colleagues are expected to follow. ' [There's a paragraph about Dong-Hyek Lim, and it matches what I heard from a private recording of a live concert by him that included Bach and Mozart some years ago even.]

' All participants are paid the same flat amount multiplied by the number of pieces they play. “Martha could earn more from one engagement in Paris than she does for three weeks here,” Mr. Piccardi said.

' Giving exposure to young talent is an important aim of the Progetto . . . “She doesn’t care about fame, money or career,” Mr. Maisky said, “but, of course, she has all of those.” '

6/3/09 - Martha Argerich in Seoul, from a newspaper article published May 2009

This photo is from the Seoul newspaper, JoongAng Daily, to announce Martha Argerich's appearance in Seoul, May 24, in connection with the Beppu Festival just completed in Japan.

Like other newspapers, it perpetuates the image of Argerich as "reclusive" and "elusive" when her concerts schedule shows otherwise.  The concert schedule will be updated after this week is over.  Too many projects until then.   The excellent reporters at the Guestbook are providing updates as they find them (and I imagine others are as grateful for that as I am.

4/28/09 - An excerpt from The Telegraph review of Argerich's Prokofiev 3rd concerto with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Festival Hall, that I especially enjoyed (written by Ivan Hewett):

'She entered to perform Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No 3 in a slightly dazed way, as if she had just left her sitting room and was pleased and surprised to find herself in such a big place with all these people waiting for her. She then sat down and played in a way that was staggering but completely defied description.

Most pianists have a manner that goes with their sound; they're "magisterial", "sensitive", "concentrated" or whatever. Argerich doesn't have a manner; she just is. Like a force of nature, she can go from the tiniest delicacy to amazing power in a moment, and without any change of demeanour.

The only parallel is with great pianists of old such as Józef Hofmann, or certain jazz pianists such as Art Tatum. Her magnificent self-possession enlarges whatever she plays, which is what makes her so right for Prokofiev. His magic toys, which could seem merely winsome, become mysterious and even grand in her hands.'

UPDATE: - "bennyatk" reported at the website feedback board, in connection with reviews logged there (when we know about them), his in-person experience of her playing the night before in Dublin:
'...I was at the Dublin concert the night before and if there is a review i will forward it.  All I can say is Martha got a great reception from an audience here that rarely stands up at the end of a concert.  We were overwhelmed.  She played one Encore, Chopin Mazurka op.24 No 2.  Last time she performed in Dublin was in 1965!  (you can find the review of her 1965 recital in the Irish Times archives on line).  I do hope she will pay us another visit soon! Thank you Martha!'

4/26/09 - Martha Argerich and Friends Live from the Lugano Festival 2008.   There are music samples on the Amazon page and, so far, just one review but it's very thorough, detailing who is playing on each cut and describing Argerich's "galvanizing the Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 1" and the performance with M and Lilya Zilberstein as "pure magic and not to be missed.
  However, Björn Östlund and Willem Boone have both currected the info for the Shostakovich Piano Trio on the CD in that it was Lily Maisky (and not Argerich) who played the piano part.

There was a review Friday by Andrew Clements in The Guardian (UK) mentioning her relatively higher participation here and the transfer of her "trademark electricity" to most of the other performers.

4/18/09 - I've updated the 2009 concert schedule, with help of the usual data miners Paul Rah, Rupert, Quentin, and Björn.   There are lots of changes so I won't list them.   I think Hippo may have some more but I'm on several projects and can't compare them right now.  If anyone finds anything you want listed, please add them to the guestbook, which others can see before I get to them.  Thanks for the good detail people have been sending.
    Yr 2008 events are now archived.

4/15/09 - Martha Argerich Plays Mozart - Live from Tokyo (2009)

A special concert honoring Friedrich Gulda, who died in 2000.  Performing with her are Paul Gulda & Rico Gulda - pianos; Renaud Capucon - violin; Gautier Capucon - cello; New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra/Christian.  Here's a review from Audiophile Audition, which reminded me it's been available for a while.

4/15/09 - Live broadcast of a duo recital with Gidon Kremer - "Memories of a special concert."
Broadcast:  Sunday, 3 May 2009 at 19:00
Repeats:  5 May 2009 at 06:00 (Germany, 2008, 43mn)

In this broadcast from late 2006, Martha Argerich and Gidon Kremer perform in a "triumphant concert" at the Philharmonie in Berlin.  Their program includes duets and solos to a packed auditorium.   Martha Argerich delivers her unique interpretation of Scènes d'enfants by Robert Schumann, and the two artists perform the Sonata for violin and piano No. 1 by Béla Bartók. Gidon Kremer plays, in this memorable concert, several excerpts. Charles Couineau, who wrote, on the piano forums, that it was truly one of the most amazing things he's seen in his life "(especially the miraculous Bartok sonata)", believes all the pieces will be excerpts as well.
    Wise to go to the site and practice listening to a particular broadcast. As usual,  you can use the World Clock page to see the appropriate time from where you are.

3/16/09 - KDFC broadcast of the Ravel is already slated for Tuesday, March 17 at 8pm, PDT.
LIVE web broadcast also, via KDFC's Listen feature.  You can use the World Clock page to see the appropriate time from where you are.  Thanks to Quinten for the alert.

3/14/09 - I've uploaded some snapshots of the curtain calls for the Ravel in San Francisco in early March.  I was seated too far away, and flash use was not permitted, so these are of course grainy, but they give an idea of the occasion.  Also added are links to other memories from the week (those are found in the introduction at the top of the page there).
    I've gathered some reviews and will be adding them in a couple of days to the website yahoogroup which is used to hold reviews, reports chronologically.

2/20/09 - I've updated the 2009 concert schedule, with help by Paul Rah, Rupert, and Quentin.  These include a March 2 concerto in Paris and some info for Beppu, Lugano, and Verbier festivals, plus a July duo recital with Lilya Zilberstein in Ruhr.  The Los Angeles and San Francisco dates for early March are still 'on.'  
  Note that Martha will be in Schubert's Trout Quintet - a first.

  As before, please note the ongoing info in the 1/28 update, between updates here.  Thanks.

1/28/09 - There are 2009 concert updates pending. Most can be seen at the Guestbook until I update on the concerts page.  Carter Rhodes sent an addition for January 28 in Switzerland which I neglected to post in time (apologies). The calendar now includes it for the record, with a link to a web-translated page.
    Be sure to visit the Guestbook to see any concert notifications (or cancellations) earlier than you would on this page. Am working on them.

1/5/09 - Philippe Marchal has provided us a large update to Argerich's commercial discography.  I'm very grateful for his work on this. 

  Note: There are some concerts noted and linked to by Quinten in the guestbook.  Please check those out.  Marta has given dates for Lugano and we're all awaiting details from Lugano for the summer.  I will get updates added to the Concerts page in a few days.

12/5/08 - Updated the Concert Schedules page, adding a December 16, '08 chamber music concert in Tokyo and a concerto in Bucharest in Sept. '09. These morsels were sent us by Shunichi Hashikawa and Paul Rah.

Collection 1: The Solo Piano Recordings (Box set)11/18/08 - Collection 1: The Solo Piano Recordings (Box set for $30).   I hadn't paid attention to this but finally read that this 8-CD set's tracks are remastered -- I had never liked the "hard" and diamond-like sound of the DG recordings, but a commenter says what used to sound "hard and glassy" now sounds, for the most part, "full and natural."  The material is from LP recordings from 1960-1983 and is presented in chronological order, as originally programmed.  The box includes original LP cover art (though I dislike the box cover picture and have used the image captured by youtube's kimolerik), a booklet with new program notes and some rare photos.
    The mp3 version of this box-set is available for $20,   but you can buy isolated tracks for between 45c and 99c, though some mp3s are available only as part of an mp3 album.  The full-mp3-set for $20, for iPods and other mp3 players, is less costly (by $35) than buying them all individually of course.

11/18/08 - Björn Östlund alerts us to videoclips from the recent tv broadcast of Argerich playing the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 on March 27, 2008, with Tugan Sokhiev and the RAI orchestra in Turin and, for an encore, the Scarlatti Sonata in d, Kk.141.  While the URL gets you to the first movement, the "Related Videos" at the right of your youtube screen will lead you to the other movements.   This is a real treat.  Most marvel at her playing, but it's even more amazing that she does it even better at age 67.

Tip !:  To play youtube videos in high-quality (when availble) on a fast connection,
add "&fmt=18" to the end of a youtube URL.
    Also you can change your preferences to have youtube ALWAYS play high-quality versions if available (if your connection is fast), by going to your account's playback-quality settings and choosing the 3rd option.

11/18/08 - Updated the Concert Schedules page, adding December '08, January and June '09 information for chamber music concerts in Italy with Gabrielle Baldocci and Walter Delahunt (info sent us by Paul Rah and Anna Mikaelian); a duo-recital with pianist Nelson Goerner in Italy in February '09 (info sent by Cesare Pezzi; and a duo-recital with Walter Delahunt, on Oct '09, in Switzerland

11/7/08 - Fixed the missing-data problem on the page - As some might have noticed, the last version or versions were missing the most recent 5 months of information. I don't know if I had an entry after 9/29/08, but this is the latest I have on a backup.  I changed the top menu a bit to add another source.  Apologies for any confusion.

9/29/08 - Updated the Concert Schedules page, adding November '08 and February '09 information for concerts in Europe sent by Paul Rah, a February 14, '09 concert link by Rupert, and December '08 dates in Japan sent by Shunichi Hashikawa. 
  Apologies for missing the Sept. 9 one in Dubrovnik. Does anyone know how that went?

8/12/08 - Added a duo recital with Lilya Zilberstein on March 31, 2009 in Ludwigshafen, thanks to an alert from Quinten.  Also changed October 23-24, 2008 concert dates shown to Oct. 22-23.

Evening Talks - in EnglishUpdated 8/7/08 - Review by Alan Rich.
   6/22/08-Updated 8/8/08 - Back in stock at Amazon at $20, Aug 7.  The Martha Argerich, Evening Talks DVD, English-subtitled version is released, with subtitles also in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.  Priced at about $20, the Release date in the U.S. was July 29 and has been available at Amazon (at the link above) (details there).  See description of film at the filmmaker Georges Gachot's site.  His film is a gift.
    Other available commercial videos are on the commercial videos page, which I'll be updating further this week.
    Also, Crotchet in the UK has several interesting DVDs not readily available in the U.S.  You'd pick the NON-VAT price, and the U.S. price is about twice that for the pounds-sterling figure.  Shipping is about $4.00 for first item (even if a set) to the U.S.

7/26/08 - Streaming of high-resolution video/audio of the July 22 Verbier evening that included Argerich's Bach Partita in c minor; a Mozart Andante and Variations for one piano-4 hands, in G, K 501 with Stephen Kovacevich; and the Shostakovich Quintette pour piano et cordes en sol mineur op. 57 will be available to fast-Internet users free for about 60 days from the 22nd, and possibly longer.

7/18/08 - Note that Verbier Festival's live streaming started tonight.  Martha's night is July 22.  Many fine musicians involved for the next couple of weeks, through Aug 3.
  Also, the Nov 18 recital in Zagreb with Mischa Maisky was added to the Concerts page.

7/13/08 - Argerich plays in Barcelona  in November '08.  Thanks to Björn Östlund for this latest information.

7/8/08 - Argerich plays in Rome in February '09.  Thanks to Giorgio Fortu for this information.

6/30/08 - POSTPONEMENT: the July 2 Cyprus concert in memory of Nicolas Economou.  Martha Argerich very much intends to collaborate with The Pharos Trust and participating artists on this concert later this year.  Thanks to Björn Östlund for the notice; see concert schedule page for more details.

6/22/08 - The amazing Argerich Project at Lugano Festival is almost ending, but everything done in the evening chamber-music performances is online the next day, at the Lugano webpages.     Video of some of Argerich's participation is also online. The festival had an unusual evening this year on June 26.  As described in advance, online:
    "The availability of so many pianists has made it possible to present an unusual homage to the great pianist Alexis Weissenberg, who has lived in Lugano for many years and who wrote a musical comedy, La Fugue, for five singers and two pianos. Seven pairs of players (including Martha Argerich) will alternate on the evening of 26 June to accompany the thirty songs in this highly sophisticated score, which deserves to be heard because it is Weissenberg’s contribution to the musical comedy repertoire."
  You can hear this here.     As with every year there, there is lots of interesting programming and some excellent performances in fine audio. Gila Goldstein from New York is there for the first time, and Walter Delahunt returns.  The singers in this work are amazing, with phenomenal pitch accuracy for this modern, somewhat jazzy music.

6/22/08 - Updated concert listings to add chamber music recitals for Sept 5,6 and October 23, 24 in France (2008).

6/21/08 - Gavotte from Bach English Suite No. 3 - audience video, from upper seating, of the final encore at Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, 2004, uploaded by Jose Luis Carcamoar.
   Other, more recent ones are always available at the various video sites but I generally don't draw specific attention to those, to keep them more likely available to us.

6/16/08 - Updated the commercial-recordings discography with great help from Philippe Marchal and Jan Henrik Amberg.

6/16/08 - Updated concert listings somewhat to add Aug, Oct, and Nov concerts and concerts scheduled for '09.
  These were from the guestbook, and I also checked the Argerich feedback forum for ones not mentioned in the guestbook.  Thanks to everyone for the help.

6/15/08 - Shostakovich Piano Concerto video online pointed out by Charles Couineau. It's seen in 3 parts, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
There's a lot online, but this particular concerto is not one she usually plays lately and is from recent concerts in Italy.

4/25/08 - Added a concert listing for Korea on May 7, thanks to info from Paul Rah.
  More updates being done soon for 2008 and 2009.

4/15/08 - Argerich withdraws from April's New York concerts - May she have a fast recovery.  Thanks to Jill Johanna for letting us know.  The guestbook also has other updated info not on this website yet.  Updates will be done soon.  Apologies.

2/11/08 - Concert Schedule page updated to add program details on existing entries for February, March, and July, and to add Verbier July dates and the Carnegie Hall concert in October.
2/1/08 - Concert Schedule page updated to add three more concert appearances in Italy on February 17 and 24, and on March 8;  a program for the March 17 program in Paris with Mischa Maisky; and appearances at the Saratoga Springs Festival New York in August.  Thanks to Rupert and Christine for the alerts.

1/23/08 Update - Video preview for last year's Martha Argerich Project at Lugano given us by Björn Östlund today.  Here is the BSi page that presents this video and also offers a version for Italian speakers.
1/13/08 - Martha Argerich Project - Lugano Festival has a block of dates for 2nd part of June.

1/22/08 - Concert Schedule page updated to add two duo recitals with Mischa Maisky, November '08, in Germany.  Thanks again to Björn Östlund.

1/15/08 - Beppu Festival - 10th Anniversary program (May '08) - thanks to Björn Östlund for this info.
1/7/08 - Concert Schedule page updated to add a duo recital in Italy in early February and to note that the Kissin-page schedule for an event with Argerich in July at Verbier has been removed (thanks to Scott Mason for that).

12/14/07 - Concert Schedule page updated to add January 9, 2008 in Lucerne (Homage to Mischa Maisky) as well as July 2, 2008 Ensemble Concert in Nicosia, Cyprus.   Thanks to Quinten again for this information.

12/5/07 - Concert Schedule page updated to add December concerts as well as January and July concerts for 2008.

12/3/07 - The commercial-recordings discography has finally been updated thanks to the xcellent work by Philippe Marchal.

12/3/07 - Argerich will 'step in for' Evgeny Kissin with Berlin Dec. 4 and 5..  Thanks to Sammy for the info, details to be added here later today.

11/20/07 Update - Charming review of NY concert by blogger Elise - "...produced a sonorous, mystical color from the keyboard."
11/19/07 - Reviews of New York concerts of the Verbier Youth Orchestra tour with Argerich: NY Times and NY Sun  (less appreciative).  See piano forum discussions also.

11/20/07 Update - A very thorough review from Tonic Blotter of the Harris Theater performance.
11/20/07 Update - Excellent review by Chicago's Marc Geelhoed - Excerpt:
"The simple dexterity is nothing short of amazing, but the musicality she brought to Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto, now, that's something you don't hear every day . . . she never sounds clattery in a piece that lends itself to a mechanical approach.  If we needed Seven Wonders of the Classical World, she must be near the top, so sure is her command of the instrument and the music. She sounded as if she were making up that concerto as she went along last night, casually moving from intricacy to chords that could create shockwaves..."
11/20/07 Update - A brief blog review titled "I Can Die Now" :-)
11/20/07 Update - TimeOut Chicago review of Nov. 14.  Excerpt:
". . . She looked and sounded as if she were improvising Prokofiev’s bristly thickets of notes as she sailed through them with insane accuracy and clarity. She has an impossibly wide range of dynamics to choose from, and shifted in a millisecond from a thumping fortissimo to sounds so soft you had to lean forward to catch what she was doing."
11/15/07 Update - Review by Chicago Sun-Time's Andrew Patner.  Excerpts:
". . . she . .. sat down at the American Steinway and showed immediately what all the fuss is about. With aristocratic bearing, a uniquely honed technique and poetic lyricism, she devoured her signature Prokofiev Concerto No. 3 in C Major, Op. 26, and yet made it a work of shimmering delicacy.
. . . The crowd went wild at the end of the performance and while she gave her usual "Can't I go home now?" look, she offered two encores: a Scarlatti sonata (D Minor, Kirk. 141) spun in a manner both romantic and laserlike, and Chopin's F Minor Mazurka, Op. 63, No. 2, presented as a bubble floating on air."  (The review title was "Verbier orchestra makes impressive bow.")

11/15/07 - Review of Chicago concert with Verbier Orchestra, by Chicago Times's John Rheim, review found by Ben Brouwer.  Excerpts:
"Yes, she showed up. And, yes, she conquered. Did she ever!
...after an astonishing absence of 18 years...he had every pianist in the house awe-struck by her colossal technique, her vast range of color and dynamics, her ability to make every note register as a vivid musical experience yet always wedded to a coherent design. Above all, she searched out the poetry behind the pile-driver chordal assaults in a manner unmistakably her own."

11/20/07 update - Audience reviews: RMCR post by a non-fan and a blogger review of Houston concert in comments area - a fun read, people were often stunned by the effectiveness of the Verbier Youth Orchestra (players from 29 countries) led by Dutoit .
11/14/07 - Review of Houston concert with Verbier Orchestra, by Charles Ward, via a review blog found by Sam Pemberton.
"When she was finished, the hall was electric with an excitement I haven't experienced there for years. She responded with a mazurka by Chopin and a sonata by Scarlatti and then led the concertmaster off the stage to stifle demands for more.  Even then the applause died only reluctantly.  Argerich dazzled with technique and content. Her power easily carried her sound over and through the orchestra (the cutting quality of bass notes was particularly impressive). Even in the biggest tutti sections, the sparkling brilliance of chords suggested a special ability to voice them for utter clarity (i.e. highlight one note over another).
At the same time, her playing was full of character. I particularly liked how, in the second movement, she answered the puckish lilt of the orchestra with a bigger saunter."

11/13/07 - Update - An after-concert dinner conversation with Argerich, by Bloomberg's David Mermelstein.
11/10/07 - "Martha Argerich causes Disney Delirium - a review of Martha Argerich's Prokofiev Piano Concerto no. 3, with Charles Dutoit conducting the UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra.    If it has scrolled off the newspaper site when you read this, a text copy is in the website-feedback forum archives.
    The review mentions:
    "combination of poetry and power ... insight, bravura, an organic sense of discovery and a smile-inducing range of color and dynamics rarely heard from the Hall's Steinway grand. Every note was alive and yet seamlessly a part of a living whole."
    Note that she played 3 solo encores! "Scarlatti's Sonata in D minor, K. 9 (L. 413), and two sections of Schumann's 'Kinderszenen' played as a set but apparently in reverse order, 'Hasche-Mann' and 'Von fremden Landen und Menschen.' "

11/2/07 - Miami Beach's Chopin Foundation fundraiser Nov. 2, in which Argerich was to play a Bach solo and chamber music with Ida Haendel and Walter Delahunt -- While I had this in the Concerts Schedule page for some weeks, I forgot to make an entry for it on this main page. Apologies for that. The solo work scheduled was the Bach Partita in c minor.
    Update 11/3/07: Björn Östlund has announced the Miami Herald review.  If it has scrolled off the newspaper site when you read this, a text copy is in the website-feedback forum archives.

10/13/07 - Concert Schedule page updated since Oct. 2 to add a Verbier Orchestra date and to modify data from the newer Verbier Festival Orchestra page  If you have information to add or corrections to what you see, please use either the guestbook or the webpage feedback forum.  Much thanks to those who've taken the time to keep us up to date.

8/9/07 - has, as film of the day, the Schumann program with Riccardo Chailly in June 2006 at Leipzig, which should be especially interesting to those who haven't seen the DVD of that evening yet - the this last link leads also to long customer reviews of that evening's program recorded for DVD.  Other Argerich videos are here.

- VERBIER Festival (online)
:  I've been seriously distracted and remiss about keeping this webpage up to date!
    As those who attend the Piano forums will know already, HIGH quality web-videos are being made available each day for the programs performed this year.  There is live broadcast video as well as BRIEFLY archived ones which you should go hear well before they go offline end of August (there's a LOT to view/enjoy).  Via broadband, the quality of video/sound is the best I've experienced for webcasting of live classical performances.
    Click once on the dates of interest and on the concert you want on the page to get the video for that date.     Another page has Up-to-date online-program info/changes
    Argerich appearances were on the 23rd (Bartok sonata for 2 pianos and percussion, with Freire);  27th (3.5-hr evening, the 2.5-hr video not including breaks between sessions) - a program that includes her Schumann Kinderszenen and music making with others, including the odd pairing with Lang Lang which, despite Ms. Minimalist Movement Meets NeverEnding GrossMovement, produces some quite magical moments;  and 29th (Prokofiev PC #3).
    And of course there's a plethora of other superb performers to hear/watch, available for only a short while.  The festival opened with the Brahms Requiem with Quasthoff et al.  Other soloists include Nelson Freire, Evgeny Kissin, Helen Grimaud, Nelson Goerner, Hillary Hahn, Joshua Bell, and too many to name.
DON'T miss the fantastic rendition of Beethoven 'Ghost' trio sonata and the Bartok violin sonata #1 either.
Update 8/8/07 - Review by The Independent, Small online discussion
    Note: The pieces are not played in the order seen in the program notes.  Images are captures from the video for the Ravel "Ma Mère l'Oye" which starts at about 1 hr 4 minutes in.

7/1/07 - I'm currently being enchanted by Martha Argerich's Schumann Kinderszenen, played last week at Lugano in very good audio.  And don't miss the beautiful sound of the Clairière Children’s Chorus singing Bosso's arrangement of Von fremden Ländern und Menschen with Argerich accompanying, on that same page.

    Here's the front page for the festival.   You can choose either Italian or English while there.  Thanks to Björn Östlund for the reminder.

    Also, since this is a page for Argerich's music, you can hear Audio of Argerich performances at Lugano through the years, including this year just completed, and of course don't miss all the other musicians' performances, with the quality of live performance as good as it gets anywhere.

    CAUTION If using Firefox, right-click and choose "View in IE" so that the composer names will line up correctly with the works listed.  If using Netscape, switch over to IE for the Lugano website.

5/15/07 - Milan concert changed to May 17th (from 14th). Thanks to info from Cesare Pezzi.

5/5/07 - Berlin concertos program change.  See Concerts schedule page for information received from Sam Huang in the guestbook.  The two-concerto program has apparently been abandoned and replaced by the Ravel Piano Concerto in G, for performances May 5 and 6.  Sam reports Martha Argerich is there though.

3/30/07 - Lugano program updates - this includes the Bartok Piano Concerto 3 to be played by Argerich on June 23.

3/5/07 - Argerich cancels Boston appearances due to physical exhaustion and doctor's orders - first reported by Joel Stein.

3/3/07 - Two reviews from New York:   NY Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer

    NY Times:   "a remarkable performance, a revelatory reading of a standard work that brought out hidden color and nuances . . . aggressively muscular, crystalline articulation, particularly dazzling in the startling and tempestuous cadenza, was balanced with the profundity of her introspective playing . . . notable for the dialogue and balance between soloist and ensemblein the Adagio."
    Philadelphia Inquirer:   ". . . astonishing Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2 . . . phrases made of smoother liquid gold . . . a slightly dangerous edge. Some of her runs were done so quickly and lightly they seemed made of pure spirit . . . found a way to suspend time in the introspective second movement . . . orchestra and piano take turns whispering to each other, every small sound took on meaning . . . Music this gentle and profound hardly seemed possible.
Eventually the columns will go offline, so I've archived these at the website forum but note that general discussions take place on the linked martha_argerich forum while responses to this website's material is always welcome at the website forum too, for the record.

2/23/07 - Dutoit appointed interim conductor for Philadelphia.  Good news for those hoping to see Argerich on the east coast.

1/24/07 - Added concert information for November, in addition to recent info for July and August.

1/18/07 - CHANGES: Argerich is to play the Bach Toccata in c, BWV 911 (solo) in Paris on February 3 during the program that starts at 5pm and is playing the Bach Partita 2 that night at 8pm.
 I updated the concerts page.  Please let me know what I may have missed or send me corrections, either at the Argerich website-feedback group or, if you don't like forums, you can use the new guestbook, which is likely best since I have a spam-discourager there and the book's not very active otherwise .

12/8/06 - Grammy nominations for Best Classical Album and for Chamber Music Performance - for "Martha Argerich and Friends: Live From the Lugano Festival 2005."
 As mentioned before I don't think she has an interest in such things, but I'm sure the label does.
 Also, thanks for corrections and additions being received for the concerts-schedule page (see previous entry).

12/4/06 - Solo recital portion did go as programmed, see feedback in the pianoforums.
I added today in December events an entry for the Vienna concert Dec. 6 and a link for the one on Dec. 9 in Zurich.
Also added March 1 concert at Carnegie (Philadelphia Orch) and linked to date change from March 7 to March 6

10/26/06 - Argerich in solo Schumann Kinderszenen during duo recitals with Gidon Kremer, per a report from Willem Boone re program announced for the European tour in December '06.  That's right. Little more than a month away.  Programs are being printed.

    Washington D.C. programs for Nov. 9-10 postponed  These were to be with Mstislav Rostropovich who needs to stay in Europe due to medical tests needed by Rostropovich during this time.   They hope to reschedule these.  Best health to Maestro Rostropovich ...

9/10/06 - Concerts page is updated for remainder of Yr2006, and in a couple of weeks I'll update Yr 2007.  Thanks for your patience :-)
  September concerts with Barenboim are not happening, and an October concert is also cancelled.  After a trip to China and then to Warsaw, the playing schedule had been quite hectic.

8/24/06 - Upcoming concert announcements and reminders plus media info have recently been added to the webpage feedback forum.  I won't be able to update the concerts webpage until mid October.
    Contributors for this bunch (some are reminders as we near the concert time) are Paul Rah, Michael Wermich, chattlesticks, Björn Östlund, Jens Jacobsen, and Joanne Livni.
    Also there are in-person reviews of some recent concerts, posted by Charles Couineau, Willem Boone, Bjorn Ostland, and Tajima Koji.
    Joel Stein and pianofan64 point us to some amazing video'd concerts, online (no longer available for purchase that we know of), and wildenyster tells us that the limited Japanese version of an Argerich & Friends DVD includes a bonus track of the Ravel Piano Concerto with Dutoit not available in the edition that most of us bought in the West. The link is given.

I'll eventually use some of this info for the page but the forum will always be more up to date for announcements. The forum has two links to Joseph Previte's forum for discussions, while the webpage feedback forum group is primarily for announcements and alerts. Thanks to all those providing information.

5/17/06 - Ferrara concert (May 18) is cancelled while a benefit concert has been added for May 29, in Brussels, which will include both the Shostakovich PC #1 and the Schumann PC in a minor.  Details are linked at the website feedback forum.   Thanks to Piero Budinich and Colin Dietch for the information.
    I'm unable to make changes to the website for another week,so the concerts page won't be updated for this yet.

4/26/06 - The River Plate Queen, by Ates Orga - "a souvenir of a moment."   Noted writer and record producer Ates Orga, who contributes regularly to International Piano and other music periodicals, has offered us an article he wrote of an encounter, in 1978, with Martha Argerich and her interesting thoughts on music making.
    I've included some photos seen on the Net in various collections.
    (Refresh or reload your browser screen if you've recently visited the articles page.)
Also, the concerts page has been updated.

3/13/06 - US concerts have been cancelled, on the advice of Martha Argerich's doctors.
    Björn Östlund reports that the Los Angeles announcement said "She is recovering from surgery and has been advised by her doctors not to travel."
    Obviously, we all wish her the best and that the necessary rest will restore her to full energy and health.

3/1/06 - Updated the concerts page for 2006 dates.  To remind me of any other concerts that should be included (or dropped), you can post on the webpage-feedback board or write me instead at andrys1 @ (remove the spaces before and after the "@" symbol).  Thanks!

2/20/06 - GRAMMY Award.   Martha Argerich was given the Grammy - (I'm posting this late)
for Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (with Orchestra)
Beethoven: Piano Cons. Nos. 2 & 3
Claudio Abbado, conductor; Martha Argerich (Mahler Chamber Orchestra) [Deutsche Grammophon]

2/18/06 - Argerich in Beppu - English pages (April 14-23) - This excellent news and translated site is now ready.  Thanks to Tatsuo Kurita of the Beppu festival for the info.  They did a beautiful job with the layout.

12/2/05 - December '05 Germany concerts postponed until March '06 due to an eye infection.

10/28/05 update - Martha Argerich's personal reaction to Imperiale Award with interview about future plans that include wanting to "play more solo" and I hope she means publicly also.
    (Thanks to Björn Östlund again)
10/25/05 - Japan Art Association's Imperiale Award given to Martha Argerich, in recognition of international lifetime achievement in arts categories not covered by the Nobel Prizes.  5 winners, including Merce Cunningham, were each awarded $135,000.  Clarin's full story, in web-machine English translation, here   The caption beneath a rather sad-looking photo of the 5 has an interesting analysis.
  5 winners are again shown in the photo at The Stern, Germany with another, larger one from the Clarin.  Here's the awards-page description for Argerich that leads us (from a thumbnail) to their excellent photo of Argerich, plus the set for The Five also. Four (happier here) shown by Clarin.  Sites found by Christian Schwarz.

10/25/05 - update - Added Video of press interview with discouraged Argerich, found by C.Cheng. It's about 3 minutes long and, even if you don't understand Spanish, it's interesting in that her expressiveness at the piano is also seen in her verbal communication.   Though mostly frustrated, saddened, etc., there are sudden attempts at wry humor. Very discouraging and the piano forum discussions explain the situation.   Maria Hartung points us to an interesting article not online otherwise.
Argerich Festival affected badly by union difficulties - cancellations, reprogramming as possible, etc.   Reports of a discouraged Argerich and the usual incomprehensible automated-web-translations at the website yahoogroups.

  [Earlier] In other news, Argerich has cancelled, for personal reasons, her jury participation in the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw, and pianist Kang Choong-mo is taking her spot.  His quoted final sentence in the story doesn't bode well for utmost objectivity.

08/25/05 - Concert schedule page has been further updated with an added concert in Los Angeles, and details from the Argentina Festival and Tour, thanks to many who've left info in the feedback forum so I could find them easily. With people who take the time to report from around the world, it's much easier to do this.  Will try to keep this more up to date in the future.  Thanks to all for the help.
    Note that the annual Martha Argerich Festival in Argentina begins Sept. 3.  We look forward to Maria Hartung's detailed reports in the various Argerich forums, if she can get a seat.  If not, I don't imagine the festival will have the international audience that has been so interested in it the last few years and there won't be much here.

08/1/05 - Review and news from La Roque d' Antheron and Saratoga Springs.
    Still way behind in updating websites...

06/7/05 - Cancellations, postponements, rescheduled dates posted for June/July.
    Apparently, Martha Argerich has been sick for a few days and is therefore remaining in Japan, though it is not something to worry about, they say. It's hoped that she will recuperate in time for the Lugano Festival.

05/16/05 - Two July events added to concert calendar.

04/15/05 - Verbier concerts, with Thomas Quasthoff et al, have been cancelled, alas, for personal reasons.  Info from Bjorn Ostland and Paul Rah.

04/10/05 - Updated commercial recordings page, thanks to Philippe Marchal.
Updated only to Jan. '05 for now.

04/09/05 - Added Warsaw Chopin competition info and details for Lugano Festival.

04/04/05 - My brief summary and link to murky photos of the San Francisco duo-piano recital experience.   Briefly, for me, Sound as Light.  A kaleidoscope of sometimes electrifying, sometimes dreamlike sounds.
Entertaining reports, reviews (both coasts) are being added during this busy U.S. period (we don't get to hear her as often as Europeans - so this is a rare treat for U.S. folks).

04/02/05 - Gachot documentary: Newport Beach Film Festival showing of 70 minute version probably with English subtitles.  This will be on April 25, at 1:00 pm.  Here's the film festival page.

04/02/05 - Concerts/Events page update - Have updated a bit.  Please let me know at this webpage's feedback yahoogroup what others should be added.  Thanks!  I'm currently combing that area for future dates that were added there some time ago.
    Have added reviews to that area from time to time.

03/13/05 - - Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 2005, new English webpage, given us by Tatsuo Kurita of Beppu in the guestbook.  Tickets went on sale today, in fact.
    (I haven't forgotten I must update site pages soon - life has been intervening.)a

3/8/05 - Martha Argerich's live concert recordings as a child were released in Argentina (only) and are of course quite sought after.  There are also other otherwise unavailable later performances being released there.

    Forum mainstay Maria Hartung, who lives in Argentina, has offered to get these for Argerich enthusiasts at cost plus shipping & handling.  Details:
    Estudios Cosentino [for their label IRCO], Buenos Aires, Argentina, released the set of CDs with historical recordings by MA... Anyone interested should contact Maria at regarding prices and shipping & handling costs. Please note that methods of payment to Argentina are usually by Western Union as the risky procedure of cash in envelopes is not recommended.
    Friends could have one person buy several at one time to save costs. There are plans for possible further releases during 2005 but no definite dates.

1/23/05 - Very-Brief videoclips of Beethoven PC1 and Mozart solo - the Beethoven from a broadcast on January 16, 2005 of a concert given in November in Geneva and the Mozart from a few nanoseconds on a piano in a house in 1972.   Click on the little video icon next to the words "EMISSION du 16 janvier 2005" to see/hear the clip.  There is a longish talk by someone in between the two excerpts.
    Many thanks to Björn Östlund for this info.   Also be sure not to miss Björn's page detailing M's repertoire through the years.

11/16/04 -
A newsgroup forum-report about Argerich in Athens last Sunday.

11/15/04 - Well, apologies!. I've been out of touch for almost 2 months and have not kept up with all the info sent. And there's quite a bit.  But not in any one place!  If there is anything you feel is important to post on this website for others, either here or on the Concerts page, please post it to the website-feedback/reports forum where others can read it right away without wading through discussions to find it (and I can find it for inclusion here), or email me with the information.   However, I have many projects I'm working on right now and it's easier for me to update (when I can) by looking in one place (feedback-forum), as my email is a bit out of control.  Again, this is just if you feel there is info that should be posted here for readers. Thanks for the help!

9/6/04 - Beethoven Piano Concerto 3 CD with Abbado
  International release date Oct 25, 2004

9/5/04 - The commercially-offered recordings discography
  has been greatly updated, thanks (very much) to Philippe Marchal.

9/6/04 - Argerich Tour – Argentina 2004 - translation by Maria Elena Hartung, of an article submitted by Felipe Izcaray, Music Director of the Salta Symphony Orchestra, with whom Martha Argerich played Saturday, Sept. 4.  Director Izcaray posted today a review of that concert written by By José Mario Carrer, who praised the performances of the Ravel Piano Concerto in G and the Prokofiev Piano Concerto #1, both played by Argerich (and preceded by a Rachmaninof PC 3 played by Gabriela Montero.   Already, here is an English translation, by the amazing Maria Elena Hartung, of that review.
    Although the now almost annual Argerich International festival in Argentina will take place Oct. 7-21, 2004, she has chosen three provinces for her pre-festival tour. Salta was the first, and will be followed by concerts in Entre Ríos and in Córdoba.
    The Concerts page has been updated.  

8/14/04 - DVD documentary on Nelson Freire which also prominantly features Martha Argerich. According to Marcel Bartnik, this is in all-region format and NTSC. The link above (provided by Steve Emerson to RMCR newsgroup) is to a vendor who sells the DVD worldwide.   Here's a web-machine-translation of that vendor page.  Marcel also points us to the details of the DVD.  It's said to also include a bonus CD that includes Freire's performance of the complete Rachmaninoff Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2, a performance much praised by many.  Here's a web-machine-translation of the details.

5/22/04 - Reports from Beppu Festival - from the busy BBS there, user and newspaper reviews, with information on performances, by Argerich, of New (and older) material.  This information was placed in the guestbook by Tatsuo Kurita, who instructs me to update this page! :-). (Thank you for the information.)   On the BBS, the notes are put in text that is very hard to read on monitors with 800x600 resolution or better. To make this easier to read, you can highlight, edit, and copy the message text for pasting to your editor or notepad to read more easily.   It's a very interesting read and obviously a very successful festival.

4/4/04 - Update - SAN FRANCISCO performances this week Cancelled by Argerich, per report in the Argerich-music-website feedback forum, thanks to the info from jcepiano where I could find it quickly for the website.   Louis Lortie will replace her on the program.  I've not heard what the news is for the rest of the U.S.
    Today's Contra Costa Times explained "Argerich is suffering from bronchitis and is unable to travel."

4/6/04 - New recordings (Beethoven Triple Concerto)... with pre-order pricing at Crotchet, UK.   Also included is a 3-CD set of reissued material from EMI at a good price if you don't already have them. Certainly a cover I've not seen before.

3/31/04 - More concerts in the next months, sent us by Björn Östlund who writes for the website concerts page that "Those who missed Ferrara have another chance in Italy in June!  On two occasions actually, in Bergamo on June 1 and in Brescia on June 4..."   The Beethoven Concerto No. 3 will be performed at the International Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Piano Festival, with Pier Carlo Orizio conducting.
    A friend tells Björn that she will play the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 in Lausanne in Nov. 04.
    Schumann and Ravel concertos in one night in Denmark, March 2005, info brought us by well in advance by Anders Magelund via the guestbook.  A. Rabinovich will conduct.   Two days after that, the two will play 2-piano works by Brahms, Haydn, and Rachmaninoff.

3/23/04 - Reviews of Prokofiev 3rd in London the other night.

3/6/04 - DVD of Scriabin Promethus for (wild) piano and orchestra, and Promethus by other composers, under Abbado available at HMV-Japan.   Piano Concertos by Liszt (#1) and Ravel (in G) under Dutoit and the MSO (TOCE55628) - This includes the Liszt Concerto Pathetique for 2 pianos, with Nelson Freire
    Note that overseas or int'l delivery from Japan is by FedEx, which is fairly costly.

3/4/04 - More concert/event updates, including a screening of the Gachot documentary in Minneapolis/St. Paul in April, an extra concert with Nelson Freire in Paris on May 28th, and a few April 2005 Beethoven PC 1 concerts with Dutoit scheduled in Philadelphia.

3/2/04 - Concerts-page update for Lugano Festival programs, thanks to Björn Östlund.

2/29/04 - April 3, 2005 duo recital with Nelson Freire in San Francisco announced by the symphony association there and added to the Concerts page.
    Also, as noted below, added another rough translation to the website feedback/reviews board.   All are encouraged to refine any of the rough translations they find there or post an English translation of reviews they've enjoyed from their country.

2/22/04 - Forum activity. The website-feedback-archives yahoogroup ("argerich") contains some rough translations of reviews for this and that.  This includes the Beethoven Concerto No. 3 which Martha Argerich DID play the other night with Claudio Abbado . You will, as always, find more detailed and colorful in-person reports on Joseph Previte's yahoogroup ("martha_argerich"). See the piano-forums section for how to get to these.

2/20/04 - Translation, by Willem Boone, of the February '04 Le Monde interview available only in French until now.  This is an unusually candid and illuminating talk that answers some often asked questions. Many thanks to Willem for the translation work as well as to Philippe Marchal for the excellent scans.   Later on, larger scans will be added in original French if that is okay with Le Monde.

2/19/04 - Verbier 2004 - a feast of events
These include a Bach concerto for piano and orchestra, a set of Ravel songs with Thomas Quasthoff, and the Beethoven Quartet No. 3 in C

2/9/04 - Update. Added two new links for this sent by Björn Östlund today.
MAYBE: Beethoven Piano Concerto 3 at Ferrara Feb. 20 is *shown* in the current Italian program-listings; BUT it's *not shown* in the latest English version of that site, but IS showing on the Italian version of the Abbado homepage.  The info that it would happen at all came from Marcel Bartnik who offers some info he read in the classical magazine "Le Monde de la Musique" which has an extensive interview with Argerich.
    The music-items include plans to record the Beethoven 3rd piano concerto with Abbado and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Hywel David reports this would be happening with DG) and plans to play Beethoven's 5th piano concerto in Japan 2005 ("(concerto à l´hommage de Gulda").  While she did work on the Brahms 2nd piano concerto with Gulda, she's never performed it, though she did play the Brahms 3rd piano sonata briefly.  The Beethoven triple concerto from Lugano last year will be released on CD.  The series "Martha Argerich Presents..." will soon include CDs by Sergio Timeo and Gabriela Montero, as well as Alexander Gurning and Polina Leschenko.

2/1/04 - Concert-page updates, for Lugano Festival, Tanglewood, and Madrid, thanks to Björn Östlund and Karen Hagberg, who posted the information to the webpage-feedback board and to Gonzalo Benítez Aguilar for the Madrid details.

1/31/04 - Update - Imminent CD releases new dates reported by Björn Östlund:
Live recording with Maisky in Brussels, April 20, 2003 and Prokofiev-Pletnev Cinderella Suite with Pletnev, recorded at Théâtre de Vevey, Vevey 08/2003.
This shows a July 2004 release date for the CD with Pletnev, which will be an SACD-hybrid release..

1/21/04 - Confirmation that the Argerich's Meeting Point festival in Beppu 2004, sixth in a series, will be held May 5 to 16, according to organizers today.

1/10/04 - Audio samples from new recordings due, most needing Real Player:
(A linked Schumann excerpt was apparently a feature-of-the-day link and has been changed so I removed it.)
    Charles Coineau found that DG now is more aggressively promoting the Brahms Quartet/Schumann Fantasiestücke, op. 88 recording.  At the right on that page is a picklist from which you can choose to get video from the 1st and 4th mvmts of the Brahms. At the left are links to info on the recording sessions, etc., such as "Argerich, Kremer, Bashmet and Maisky in the Recording Studio Summit Meeting in Berlin," other interesting text and what looks to have been an enforced photo session when the performers wanted to go eat and relax instead.
    The last link on the left is to audio excerpts from each movement of the Brahms and Schumann works.

1/7/04 - Sept '04 duo recitals with Nelson Freire in Brazil added to concerts page. Thanks to Thomas Kosfeld for the advance notice.

12/31/03 - New recordings announced at HMV Japan:
(1) Chopin PC 1 with Dutoit and Montreal Symphony, Chopin Sonata 3 - release date 2/25/2004, TOCE59747;  
(2) Liszt PC 1 and Ravel(in G I presume) with Dutoit and Montreal Symphony - release date 2/25/2004, TOCE55628;  
(3) 2CD-set on RCA 74321.98836, already listed earlier in the several discographies.
    *Also available at Amazon-US*, this set holds the quite wonderful Beethoven Concerto No. 2 and Haydn Concerto No. 11 in D with Argerich directing the London Sinfonietta, and it also has the Schumann Fantasie and Fantasiestucke (alone it was a favorite solo recording of mine), and the violin sonatas of Franck and Debussy recorded in the late 70s with Gitlis.
    Thanks to Kevin Bee and Joseph Previte for this information!
    See Recommended CD detail here and here (with reviews) for the 2-CD set's material.

12/30/03 - PBS will broadcast the Verbier Birthday celebration - watch that link for the dates.  It includes that Bach!

12/7/03 - Dec. 31 appearance in Berlin has been announced at the German Deutsche Grammophon website, per a post by Jan Schlotthus on the website's feedback or announcement forum.  Thanks, Jan. If anyone has more information, let us know.  At this point, the DeutscheOper webpage has only an opera event.

11/19/03 - Fixed my coding bugs in the Available Recordings Discography which was VASTLY updated with much needed info and detail by Philippe Marchal.  Many thanks!  This is actually an overhaul.

11/19/03 - The Yedang Classics CD of Franck Sonata in A performed in Moscow (1989) by Argerich and Kramer is now available to U.S. buyers. Thanks once more to Björn Östlund for good information.   Note that you can hear long excerpts, in very poor online sound, before deciding.   Be sure to hear the very beautiful slow movement that is the THIRD cut ('Track 10') in the audio offered   Strangely, they separate the movements, by Gidon Kremer's solo pieces, for the samples.  Also, Argerich's name is barely visible. is apparently the largest Russian music/video store in the U.S. and offers free shipping anywhere in the states, usually (they say) within 24 hours.

    Also there is a new CD set that's been getting high recommendations -- Van Cliburn's actual Moscow performance of the Rachmaninoff 3rd piano concerto, from the famous Tchaikovsky Competition he won in 1958.  This has not been released on CD until now (was on LP long ago), and is said (on the Usenet newsgroups) to be quite electric and a demonstration of why he won.  Apparently, it had quite an effect on jurist Sviatoslav Richter.  Kondrashin conducts.  I understand it's not readily available elsewhere.

    For those living in Asia, or at least Korea, a better place to buy the Yedang disc is Yedang's site, in Korea.   Björn had reminded me on the feedback forum that this disc IS available and should be listed in the discography.  That's added now.
    Yedang Classics section has many discs (material usually from live performances) with music by Richter, Gilels, et al.   3 pages accessible from any page and then click on 4th "( )" to get subsequent classical catalog pages.

11/18/03 - Three December concerts with 2 concertos each have been added, thanks to info from David (Bommertz?) on the web-feedback forum.

Also, an EMI staffer reports unofficially on the martha_argerich forum that she has recorded the Ravel Concerto anew but has not approved release yet because she may want to add another Ravel piece!

11/11/03 - Article on the documentary film portrait of Nelson Freire   (I've linked to a very primitive online-machine-translation into English). This includes a photo gallery with wonderfully relaxed photos of Freire and Argerich in their homes and at the piano. To get each next picture, click on the current picture displayed (unusual method).
    Thanks to Björn Östlund, our main resource these days!  The site encourages direct emailing of pictures via their website, which then builds a database of email addresses interested in the content.
    You can start the entire Nelson Freire photo gallery here.

11/09/03 Update - The Brahms Quartet Op. 25 on DG 4637002 though not readily available yet, but Björn Östlund and Marcel Bartnik have been able to by this from HMV-Japan where it was released Oct. 8 under their catalog #UCCG1121. Björn adds that this is a studio recording from Teldex Studio Berlin 2/2002. To his knowledge, she played it in Verbier 2001 only.
    It's also shown at Amazon-UK - but is listed as "Not yet published" though.

    Thanks to Björn Östlund's putting a message on the website-feedback board, I was able to find the discography-info when I had time to update the site, so the Brahms/Schumann chamber music info is finally included on the studio-recordings discography page.   I also saw that the excellent, though short, video clips from the sessions are still online, though rather hard to find.
    Also, sometimes when you click on the video-links in that newsletter at Deutsche Grammophon, the play-video links don't work, so I've added the direct links to the movements (1 and 4) (in excellent sound).  On her artist page, they state they have no multimedia clips for her, so they probably plan to remove them soon.   Why they don't make a DVD from these sessions is beyond me.

10/25/03 - A request for help with info for the official-recordings discography is at the website feedback page.  Any help is appreciated with putting info there that I can easily find to update more quickly the official-recordings discography and concert/events page.  You can choose "No Mail" or "Special Announcements"-only membership.  Thanks!

10/14/03 - Made it to Japan, as pointed out by Dennis Chang today, and with a new outfit too :-)

9/6/03 - Concerts/events page updated with info from Julien Hernandez and Marcel Bartnik for October '03 and May '04.  Marcel also adds info for a Freire solo recital in Paris in January.

9/6/03 - The Videos page has been updated, for sources, availability info.   There is also a somewhat expanded section on other pianists' videos. If interested in searching for particular pianists, using varied sources, you can also use the Video searchbox on my FindClassical page.

8/24/03 - Saratoga Chamber Music Festival review.   If reading this webpage after the artlcle goes offline, you will be able to read it after the fact at the Argerich Music website-forum archives of news articles (recently begun).

8/21/03 - Charming online videos of Argerich and Delgado in 2-piano pieces by Guastavino, found by intrepid web researcher Björn Östlund.
    These were video'd at the festival in Argentina in 2001.
    While I find the "Las Ninas" piece more interesting than "Baile," the latter has a wonderful lesson on voicing melodic lines, interpretation, in the three or so melodic phrases that end this piece.
    Don't miss, on the same page, Eduardo Delgado's truly wonderful Gluck/Sgambati – 'Melodie de Orfeo' - with its beautifully spun legato in the right hand over the left-hand figures. This is very difficult to pull off but he certainly does.
    Besides a Schumann on that page, there's an audio page with a Ginastera sample from his highly regarded Ginastera CD. Captivating Milonga.

8/16/03 - Another article re August 21 'impromptu' program
    "The concert will include a piece by Schnittke titled, 'Homage to Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich' for piano six hands (that's three two-handed pianists at one instrument), to be performed by the formidable Martha Argerich and two as yet unnamed pianists.   Also, Argerich and Alexander Gurning will play the Prokofiev's 'Cinderella Suite' for two pianos."
    Earlier article on the festival that mentions Aug 21 program.
    Earlier feature article mentioned "... program at 8:15 p.m. Aug. 19, [Argerich] playing a solo piece by Ravel, and in Bartok's Sonata for two pianos and percussion." [No solo piece by M, despite article.]
    And noted in July:  Dutoit on his new life and on Argerich's participation in Saratoga Chamber Music Festival after some recent trying times. It also reiterates the plans to play in Australia after festival in Argenina this year.

    Some current but aging articles will be archived from now on at the website yahoogroup).

8/16/03 - An Andante.Com review of the Lugano Festival notable for the following statements by and about Martha Argerich's focus:

    "To help talented young artists and make them known is an essential part of my job . Unfortunately, the musical establishment is too often phlegmatic and disinclined to take any risks."
    'Carlo Piccardi, a top executive of RTSI and the coordinator of the organizing committee, further explained the project's philosophy:
    "Martha Argerich has placed chamber music at the center of this project. The principle of equality among partners that this music embodies requires performers to devote themselves to real ensemble playing, as opposed to standing out in the brazen way that playing solos with an orchestra often encourages them to adopt." '
8/12/03 update - Verbier Festival Birthday Concert - reviews.   In case there are problems accessing the first one, I posted the text to the Great-Pianists yahoogroups forum, since it involves a host of other pianists, at message 23436, and there've been more reviews since.  The NY Times had an even better review of it, which would stay up only a short time, so I've posted that one at great-pianists group also, at message 23460.  Other reviews posted are from Boston Globe, Time magazine, plus an entertaining one by Michael Church for The Independent.   Fantastic assortment of pianists & other musicians in one place each year at Verbier.  It seems they are filming for PBS "Great Performances" the 4-piano Bach raved over now by two reviews.  If you are newly joining the great-pianists forum, sometimes interested in news about more than one pianist but not interested in getting messages by e-mail, go to this page and change your membership to "No Mail" so that you read the group's webpage-messages only when interested.

8/9/03 - Julien Hernandez reports October details for Japan concerts.   Note that a SOLO Ginastera Danzas by Argerich is scheduled for a charity concert on Oct. 14 at Suntory Hall.   Thanks for the latest update, Julien.

7/12/03 - With special thanks to Björn Östlund, we have a much more up-to-date Argerich Discography (items available at one time or another in stores) after a long drought.
    And Björn has some other interesting news soon, either here or at his own site.
    Don't, of course, miss the more all-encompassing discography in Japan pointed to at the discography page.

6/11/03 - Lugano Festival 2003 audio already going up - Thanks to Scarbo for this.
    Several have pointed to the Arensky, June 7, by pianist Polina Leschenko, with Renaud Capuçon and Gautier Capuçon (all superb).

    My attention has wandered off to too many other areas, so I've not kept this site up to date.
    Apologies for that.  The concert page is now well of out of date.  Bjorn has offered to help, and when I can I'll update things.
    But you can always keep up with events by attending Dr. Joseph Previte's Martha_Argerich forum.

5/23/03 - Guardian CD review of Brahms: Sonata for Two Pianos Op 34b; Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No 1: Argerich/ Zilberstein/ Capuçon. The number of stars alloted the disc vs the review content indicates it lost points for not ideal sound.

5/22/03 - Matthew Moss writes in our guestbook about an unscheduled Argerich recital with Lilya Zilberstein May 23 that will replace one that was to be given by Radu Lupu. (error in my date yesterday! - will look for reviews)

5/22/03 update - Daily Yomiuri story about Beppu.

4/8/03 update - The Martha Argerich, Evening Talks film by Georges Gachot will be shown at the following film festivals:
    New York - Swiss American Film Festival, April 26, 2003 (8pm) (English subtitles).
        This will be the U.S. premiere, at the Anthology Film Archives in New York
        (32 2nd Avenue, 212-505-5181), and Gachot will be there to present the film that Saturday.
        - there's really no real information on the site itself for NY.  Try writing their Info address.
    Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires Int'l Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), shown 4/17, 4/18, 4/20.
        First showing:  Thursday 4/17, 7:00PM at Hoyts 8, presented by Gachot.
        Other showings:  Friday, 4/18, 6:30PM at Hoyts 8;  Sunday 4/20, 11:00PM at Hoyts 8.
        All screenings are at the Shopping Mall known as Abasto, Corrientes 3200

3/30/03 update - In January, the Concerts page was updated with information from Björn Östlund, William Hsieh, and Chun Dong Hyek about concert or festival plans in June (Lugano), July (Verbier) and October (Japan).   I updated these again this weekend.
    Gonzalo Benítez Aguilar and Björn Östlund added (in the Martha_Argerich forum) that EMI will be releasing some excellent chamber music from the Lugano Festival 2002, with Argerich playing Brahms Sonata for two pianos Op.34b (with Lilya Zilberstein);  Beethoven Clarinet Trio (with Marek Denemark, clarinet, and Mark Drobinskij, cello);   Mendelssohn Trio no. 1 in D Minor (fabulous, with Renaud Capuçon, violin and Gautier Capuçon, cello).  Also on the CD will be the Mozart: Quartet in g Minor (Evghenij Brakhman is the pianist for this one).

These and many other pieces played at the festival can be heard in full -- in less than CD sound, of course (but good sound) -- at the links above, on the Lugano Festival site, including:
    Prokofiev Cinderella: Suite from the Ballet, Op. 87, transcribed for two pianos by Mikhail Pletnev,
    the World Premiere, played by Argerich and Pletnev
In other chamber music (rare chance to hear these in their entirety played so well), don't miss such pieces as
    the Rachmaninov Sonata in g minor for Cello and Piano, Op. 19
    with Gautier Capuçon, cello and Lilya Zilberstein, piano
    the Dvorak Quartet in Eb Major for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello, Op. 87 with pianist Walter Delahunt,
    Renaud Capuçon, violin, Gautier Capuçon cello, and Lida Chen, viola,
    not to mention Argerich in the Schumann Quintet and the many other works offered.
To hear these, you may need to update your (free-version) RealAudio Player software. To do that, click on the applicable operating systems:
    PC-Windows (right-hand side for Free version)     Macintosh     Unix
        If you find a newer QuickTime is needed as well, get it here.

3/29/03 update - The Saratoga Festival program is online. Martha Argerich is listed as a special guest for chamber music on August 19 and will also play on August 21.
    On the "Philadelphia Orchestra" pages there, she is slated to play the Prokofiev 3rd on August 14 and the Ravel Concerto in G on the 20th, Dutoit conducting.
    According to FrenchCulture.Org, she is scheduled to play (earlier in the week) the Poulenc Piano Concerto for 2 pianos (this would be a feat for one person) as well as the Ravel Concerto in G, under Charles Dutoit, but this information conflicts with the Saratoga online program.

3/29/03 update - Verbier Festival in July program has been received by several, who report that Argerich is scheduled to play the Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue on July 31.   Hearing is believing
    The Verbier 10th birthday extravaganza will feature several big-name pianists, including Argerich, in music for 4 to 16 hands and 1-8 pianos, July 22nd, with orchestra (sold out, of course).
    Also on the books for Argerich is the Schumann Quartet for piano, violin, viola, and cello on the 25th, a night with a lineup of major players, sold out also.

3/29/03 - Beppu Festival program for May 2003.
    More details are on this page.
    (The actual Beppu page is in Japanese, for the most part, this year.)

3/4/03 - There have been several changes and additions to the concert schedule.

2/20/03 - February's appearances have had to be cancelled .

1/11/03 - The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Argerich (not unexpectedly) has cancelled the Chicago performances Jan. 16-18.

1/6/03 - The Minnesota Orchestra's box office is telling callers that Martha Argerich's scheduled concerts with Minnesota Orchestra will not take place. They are substituting an all-orchestral program.

12/27/02 - Updated concerts-page.  Please let me know of any others feel should be added.
    Le Monde de la Musique has another cover issue.  Not sure that choosing to buy the December issue gets you the right magazine.

For OLDER NEWS, *click* here.
more recent CD releases.

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  Available Recordings Page Two.)
Yr 2001-2002 CDs are highlighted and described in the Older News section

 The "Brilliant Classics" label's "Great Pianists of the [20th] Century" - a 5-cd set ($9 to $19 depending on where you buy it) which includes two Argerich contributions recorded at the Busoni Competition, which she won at the age of 16 (when she also won the Geneva competition), along with the following:
    Horowitz, Rachmaninov, Rubinstein, Lhevinne, Cortot, Godowsky, Moiseiwitsch, Solomon, Friedman (Ignaz), Lamond (Frederic), Sofronitzki, Lipatti, Schnabel, Gilels, Arrau, Gieseking, Richter, Michelangeli, Wild, Brendel, Lugansky (Nikolai)
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"I'm a natural pianist, and music does not speak for me unless it comes naturally. Such a fuss is made about interpreters these days. I find this deplace. I don't feel that being a pianist is important. The composer is always of greater importance... Sometimes the piano seems to take me over. I suppose I hate it as much as I love it. It depends on so much. You cannot have anything one way without the other."

        -- from an interview with Martha Argerich
        © Ates Orga 1978, International Music Guide 79

"I always hated playing in public.
  Even as a small child I could not stand being on the stage. I had to be pushed onto the platform and I just ran to the piano, played and ran off as fast as I could. I never got over this intense dislike of being on a stage. As a small child it was the immense space around me which made me feel so alone." . . .

  "This [came] from the fact that as a child I never went to school. No one understood how much I suffered, having to practice for hours, always being on my own, not able to share with other children of my own age. On the stage I had that strange feeling of being separated, stranded. For me the audience is not company -- it is a mass of people, nomatter how friendly and enthusiastic. I have a great need for company when I am on the platform, and making music with other people gives me that feeling of company. In this way I don't feel the solitude."

        -- from an interview with Martha Argerich
        © Alberto Portugheis, 1992   (via Donald Manildi, Musical America, 2001)

Click to read Excerpts from an interesting Interview in Clavier, 1979
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