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June 22 2008 - I did not update this page for probably 2 years, but here is a list of currently available Argerich DVDs. at Amazon.  Of prime interest currently are the recent Schumann with Chailly and the Evening with Argerich.

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Evening Talks - in EnglishAll commercial DVDs by Argerich at Amazon.

    Martha Argerich, Evening Talks - The English-subtitled version finally, with subtitles also in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.  $19.95  Release date in the U.S. was July 29.  See description of film at the filmmaker Georges Gachot's site.  A thank you to Georges Gachot for this unusual and excellent film, which has extra material now from various live performances.

Here are All commercial Argerich VHS videos at Amazon.
    Also, Crotchet in the UK has several interesting DVDs not readily available in the U.S.  You'd pick the NON-VAT price, and the U.S. price is about twice that for the pounds-sterling figure.  Shipping is about $4.00 for first item (even if a set) to the U.S.

The Scarlatti, Debussy, and Ravel VHS from Kultur is unavailable though used copies can sometimes be found, at a high price (but this particular tape is worth it).   This includes Argerich, Freire and Maisky playing in a French mansion or villa, with Argerich playing the Gaspard.
    The playing is wonderful, but the filmmaker keeps showing us the tapestries, or the fountains or the floor or windows whenever the playing gets more complex and when we want to watch the hands.  Someone apparently knows this is otherwise a good item, since they're now pricing it rather high.

Ozawa/Argerich play Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, Op. 15 - Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ozawa.   Dreamlife Corporation, NTSC / Color / Stereo,  DLVC-1020.
    The link doesn't work with Firefox but works with Internet Explorer.
UPDATE 1/5/01 at the bottom.     Beethoven DVD and VHS video available from Japan (English Ordering)
    For some reason, Tower doesn't import this one, from a concert 1983;  it's an especially good performance.  Songful, always unusually musical, very dynamic with a very expressive slow movement. One of her best performances. Also, there is good camerawork showing the fingerwork.
    Jeremy Cook found that it's possible to order this directly.  The DVD is distributed by Dreamlife Corporation, manufactured by NihonMonitor Co., Japan.   Voice Phone for DreamLife: 03-3578-6930   Fax: 03-3578-6851.
    He e-mailed them at their webpage and found they do take orders by mail and e-mail. Cook adds, "The video is 3,800 Jp yen ($32 at today's exchange rate - 1/5/01), and they quoted 1,880 yen for international shipping ($16.84). With fluctuation ... the DVD + shipping to the US will run between $50 and $55." Also, they shipped one day after he e-mailed the order and he adds, "They apparently give discounts for purchases of multiple items" as he got 20% off when buying two DVDs.
    Argerich plays only this concerto and Ozawa adds the Overture to "Egmont" Op. 84, making a total playtime of only 48 minutes.  The DVD was made for "All" regions. The VHS videos from Japan (NTSC) work in U.S. machines, but not in the usual European ones. The VHS pricing is the same as for the DVD. Ordering is done from a mail link on the video-link page.  I've no affiliation with this store.
    1/5/01 Update - The DVD version is now available a bit more easily, maybe, for Europeans, from a reliable place named JPC, in Germany, where it's listed as "DreamLive, ADD DVD Video, 2285313 109.95 DM ($46.22 US today per their webpage) plus a flat rate shpping of 45 DM for a total of $64.76 - very high but Argerich collectors should get this one for sure from one source or another. I have no affiliation with either place. The DVD plays in all regions.
    1/18/01 Update - The *VHS* copy WAS available from HMV Japan for about $32 (shipping to U.S. 15 for up to two items)     8/15/02 Update - No longer available from JPC.

Martha Argerich and Friends - DVD released on 2/29/00. With Economou, Freire, Maisky.     Features:
    Optional on-screen analysis;  In-depth biography of each performer; On-screen liner notes; Glossary of musical terms and contemporary history of the compositions
    1) Argerich and Nicolas Economou perform Mozart's "Piano Sonata for Four Hands in D major, K. 381,"   2) Argerich and Mischa Maisky play Schumann's "Phantasiestucke op. 73, No. 1-3."  and   3) Argerich and Nelson Freire perform Rachmaninov's "Suite for Two Pianos no. 2, Op. 17" and Ravel's " La Valse".
    This remastered footage was originally filmed in 1982, and the music was remixed from the original multitrack tapes to a 5.1 dolby digital mix. Audio options include the original non-compressed stereo mix.
    These are very well-directed films, by Janos Darvas (credited on laser disc original productions, pre-DVD) whose site is at

Strauss BurleskeAmazon's DVD version of the Strauss Burleske is now in stock (7/5/08) - it's with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Abbado, during the 1992 New Year's Eve Richard Strauss Gala. -- and
the VHS video version of the Strauss Burleske with orchestra conducted by Abbado, during the 1992 New Year's Eve Richard Strauss Gala, is once again available for $9 and up, though they tend to be used copies.
    The VHS versions is usually found among the Argerich VHS videos at Amazon from independent parties at Amazon, the pricing is low to quite high.
    Clicking on the photo brings you to the album cover for the New Year's Richard Strauss Extravaganza, with singers Andreas Schmidt, Renee Fleming, Federica von Stade, Kathleen Battle. The INFO link takes you to more info on the recording (audio and video versions).

(Sept. 2003) - At Crotchet on DVD* for about the same price as VHS.
    This DVD is in Region-Free (PAL/NTSC) format.   The DVD is usually no longer available at Amazon.
But if you want the VHS one, then you can try Amazon's VHS used or 3rd party entries for this.
Also, VAI now sells this direct, in DVD, VHS-NTSC, and VHS-PAL, which explains its no-stock status elsewhere.
The video of the Canadian studio recording from 1976 - VAI 69425 VAI video, 1976 was available only as VHS until now.     The original VHS was first brought to our attention by piano enthusiast Joseph Previte, M.D. (and NY Times) May 26.   VAI's webpage PR states:
"...In 1976, Miss Argerich was in the studios of the CBC Montreal network where she performed the Schumann Piano Concerto, Liszt’s Funérailles and Ravel’s Jeux d’eau."
    This was filmed with so much distance between orchestra and piano that there seems less involvement on Argerich's part than in other live video'd performances though there are some charming moments.  The studio atmosphere is a bit dry as well.  However, the camerawork concentrates on her hands and how she gets her results, and it's a lesson in playing with incredibly relaxed hands in pieces you'd least expect this.
    Review - by Arthur Kaptainis, for Montreal Online.


Art of PianoArt of Piano - Great Pianists of the 20th Century - on DVD now

    A spellbinding film.  More info on contents
    This is also available on VHS.

        Great Pianists of the Bell Telephone Hour is available with it for a combo discount - DVD.

            Also, The Golden Age of Piano - DVD

Horowitz Plays the Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concerto (Mehta) - on VHS only

The Last RomanticVladimir Horowitz - The Last Romantic (1985)- on DVD only, at a heady price

    Horowitz in Moscow (1986):
Horowitz in Moscow

on DVD (HIGH prices)       on VHS for only $10

Considered one of the best Horowitz video recordings

    Great Moments V. 10 - Horowitz Plays (1987) - on VHS only
          This a short video (about 30 minutes) of excerpts from the really excellent Horowitz in Vienna,
          the full recital very difficult to find anymore.  The excerpts are well chosen.

    Vladimir Horowitz: A Reminiscence - on VHS only

Rubinstein Remembered.   Here's a new Gramophone review

    Also found on this page are DVDs of Cziffra, Kempff, Cliburn, Francois, and others.

And, Arthur Rubinstein Plays Chopin and Rachmaninov - performances from 1956 Festival of Music telecasts (Rachmaninoff and Chopin Polonaise).  The DVD includes the program "A Tribute to Chopin" available separately from VAI

Rubinstein: Recital, IsraelArthur Rubinstein - The Last Recital for Israel - on VHS only

    Other Rubinstein VHS and DVD.

Richter the Enigma
Richter the Engima

  An incredible video

Richter: CBC Telecast The 1964  CBC telecast of a Richter recital.
It's a shorter recital (VHS) that includes: the Jeux d'eau of Maurice Ravel";  Ravel's Alborado del gracioso;  and the Prokofiev Second Sonata, Op.14.   A Brahms Intermezzo in E Minor, Op. 116, No. 5, opens the program.

    For a review of this video and the music,
    see Audio Audition - near the bottom of that page.

Two Titans of the KeyboardSviatoslav Richter and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli - DVD
    Michelangeli plays the Beethoven Sonata No. 3 - VHS

Michelangeli: Beethoven Sonata No. 3Michelangeli plays the Beethoven Sonata No. 3 - VHS

    Rostropovich and Richter in BeethovenRostropovich and Richter play the Beethoven sonatas - DVD.

SOKOLOV - The Paris recital of 2002
, filmed by Bruno Monsaingeon.

    Here's a review by ClassicalSource's Colin Anderson.

CZIFFRA Plays Chopin, Liszt & Franck
- (EMI Classic Archive)

Gould CollectionThe Glenn Gould Collection - DVD     Gould - The AlchemistGlenn Gould - the Alchemist - DVD
And there's also
Gift of MusicEvgeny Kissin on DVD (two or more items, usually)


ANDERSZEWSKI - Beethoven:Diabelli Variations

    Here's a review by Bradley Winterton - put into easier-to-read fonts than in the original article.
            Great-pianists forum membership (no cost) is needed to read it there.

International competition documentaries on video
    1. Tchaikovsky
          7th Tchaikovsky Competition
          Notable for including the much praised (on piano forums) Vladimir Ovchinnikov
              performing the Tchaikovsky Piano concerto No. 1.
          Also in the video are Victoria Mullova, Peter Donohue, and Sergei Stadler.

"All the musicality of the event laced with all the tension of a thriller" - London Times
"Some of the finest engineering for home video" - NY Daily News
    2. Cliburn - several years
          DVDs from Cliburn competitions

        See my Videos section for more, with a Searchbox for other pianists.

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