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    Artist description
    Contemporary classical composer.
    Music Style
    Classical, easy listening but structured.
    Musical Influences
    Classical composers from the 16th century on. In particular, I would mention Dowland, Corelli, Bach, Sor, Grieg. Dvorak, Faure, Janacek, Copland, Randall Thompson, John Rutter and Robert Shaw's choral arrangements.
    Similar Artists
    It would be grandiose to say I sound like the great composers who have influenced me, but Bach, Grieg, Dvorak, Janacek, Copland certainly influence my style.
    Artist History
    I returned to composing in April 1999,when I was able to retire from the practice of psychology.I had studied music at Stanford University as an undergraduate, focusing on Early and Baroque music, and doing a little composing. Now, having found MIDI, MP3 and the Web, I am grateful to have the opportunity of sharing my pieces with interested listeners.
    Pentium IV with 256 RAM; Creative Labs Soundblaster Live; Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro for GM sequencing and recording.
    Press Reviews
    "More complex in its development than meets the eye, Eleanor weaves melody and counterpoint in an outstanding presentation of form and substance"-- written about Home is the Sailor on the station, Classical Pieces of Special Dedication.
    Brooklyn, NY - USA

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