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Miami Herald  If the vote were flawless...Gore win by 23,000~ votes
FoxNews:  TRANSCRIPT: Complete text of arguments, questions in one scrollable piece
NBC:  TV Talking heads agree court is split 5-4 and may choose to wait.
Newsweek:  Supreme Court seems skeptical of Bush case - by Isakoff
NBC:  Supreme Court seems skeptical of Fla. Supreme Court
MSNBC:  A national legal seminar - substantive 1.5 hrs of TV.  By Howard Kurtz
LAT:  Where is the outrage over stolen ballots?
AP:  Justices Weigh Recount Intervention
MSNBC:  Complete Guide to Supreme Court Case

NY Daily News:  Helen Kennedy gives us the spiritual history of chad.  (Don't miss this.)
AP:  Bush asks for Dismissal of case, 'explaining' Gore and Bush were not the candidates!
  Plans to call 95 witnesses, asks for 1.2 million more ballots. Anything but counting votes.
WashPost-Dionne:  Why is Bush doing all he can to bury the uncounted ballots?
CNN:  Florida's "undervote" - corrects Republican misstatements re geo ballot stats
NYT:  Miami Mayor and the Decision to Halt Recount
AP:  History makes for the hottest ticket in town.

AP:  Bush up 115 votes in GOP hand count of New Mexico undervotes.. Gore won.
Slate:  GOP requests count of Undervote ballots in New Mexico. Yup
Newsday:   Bush may lose election if judge finds GOP tampering.
NDOL:  Actual Bush Lead from legal votes - 114 votes of 6 million
LAT:  Voters Rip Legislators on Plan to Intervene
LAT:  Jeb and the Legislature plan to thwart hand-count win
WashPost/Goodman:  The real divide: needing absolute certainty and accepting ambiguity
AP:  Clinton makes some good points
CNN:  Seminole case date is 12/6, and Judge Labarga rejects Judicial Watch request.
NYT:  Blacks report ridiculous problems they had at voting places election day
ChicagoTrib:  Justice Scalia's son in firm representing Bush before top court.
NY Daily News  Florida Lawmakers Must Butt Out
NYT:  Bush&Bush should tell the legislature to desist
Reuters:  Gore Support Strengthens
Reuters:  Majority of Gore Backers Want Him to Fight On
NYT:  Public tolerates delays, splits along partisan lines
NY Observer: The Pin-striped Thug's Big Lie tactics - the mask drops.
NY Observer: Bush-Cheney team amused by Dade mob-intimidation they financed.
NYT:  Tom DeLay's plans to overturn any court decision
Dowd:  The sheltered, out-of-sight Governor
MSNBC:  Gore's lead lawyer: David Boies - (Nov. 16)

Slate: BushTeam's misrepresentation of Florida County Ballot numbers
AP:  "Republicans maneuvered on several fronts to slow the process."
AP:  Jeb and his legislature may chose Bush Electors unless U.S. Supreme Court
  "ultimately decides Gore won the election."
WashPost:  GOP Organizes a Campaign to Pressure Gore.
CBS:  42% Say Gore Should Concede; 48% Say It's Too Soon
CNN:  Gore TV blitz
NYT:  Martin County: Charge of new irregularities on Absentee Ballot Counts
FOXNews:  Seminole County Controversy Could Cost Bush Election.
MSNBC: GOP leaders: their handling of stress.  Includes new Martin Co. story
WashPost: Kinsley:  Deadlines and Dishonesty
ABC:  Pressing On
MSNBC:  Judge denies immediate recount
Time:  Gore's got a brand-new deal (that Bush doesn't want).

NYT:  Jeb willing to sign law giving electoral votes to brother if Gore gets hand counts.
  (11/29: Jeb Bush said he'd abide by the U.S. Supreme Court if it decides for hand counts and
  Al Gore has won the election but if winner is undecided he'll sign to send Republican electors.)
  Look for BushTeam stalling tactics much in evidence now.

ABC:  "This is not a time for delay, obstruction and procedural roadblocks."
CNN:  Gore proposes expedited process/recount; Bush wants time/no-recount.
Guardian (UK)  Gore is right to fight...Bush camp precipitated this crisis.
Minn.StarTrib:  Gore has good reason to press his case - Excellent
WashPost:  Judicial Watch group Wins Right to View Palm Beach Ballots
WashPost:  The Doctrine of Tough Noogies - (Divider, not a Uniter)
NYT:  Jekyll and Hyde - by Thomas L. Friedman
NYT:  A Plea for Patience - Lead editorial for Tuesday
NYT:  Florida Judge in Contested Election is a conservative one.
WashPost:  Details of lawsuit challenging election results

LA Times:  Official Testifies GOP Absentee Applications were Fixed
WashPost:  Why It's Not Over - Excellent, by E.J. Dionne,Jr.
Palm Beach Post:  Irregularities in Seminole could cost GOP dearly
Time: Michael Kinsley  Who is being unreasonable here? (Good!)
Reuters:  Seminole Vote Challenge Moved to Florida Capital
OrlandoSentinel:  Seminole elections ofc was opened to Republican operatives who
  wrote voter IDs on 4,700 absentee ballot requests to make them valid.
  A suit has been filed to toss these, with possible enormous effect on the election.
Excerpts from WSJ:  Well-Organized GOP Protests in Florida
Fox:  GOP 'Nervous' Over Lawsuit in Seminole County.
Independent (UK):  Republican mobs have galvanized support for gore.
NYTimes:  Nassau Co.'s mystery 218 votes - part of contested results
NY Times:  Formal contests to be made are not affected by U.S. Supr.Crt ruling
CNN:  Certifications, full rejection of W.Palm Beach's efforts, summary of events
Newsday:  Fla's Harris Erases W.Palm Beach Hand Recount

BostonGlobe:  What makes people think Bush has won? - Fabulous, logical article
FoxTV: W.Palm Beach continues counting to give a full recount even if rejected.
Reuters:  Summary of day and plans for the coming week
AP:  "The office is open." - Harris's answer to a now sardonic Burton
ABC:   Summary of day, includ'g Burton's reaction. And Bush picks up votes.
CNN:  W.Palm Beach Extension denial, summary of status
CNN TV:  Boies explains plans for the next week. He'd make a great president.
CNN TV:  Judge Burton explains in rather shaken tones the rejection of his request
  for 2 more hours after many 20 hr days. While I think he tried to be as fair
  to Jeb Bush as he could, he seems very disappointed not to get the 2 hours.
PalmBeachPost:   WPB Canvassing Board determined to finish
AP:   Scrambling for votes - Paid hotel-rooms/plane-tickets for demonstrators.
NYTimes:   Why Gore is so calmly certain about election prospects
Salon:   Bush downbeat re popular vote, but Repubs' recount-sabotage works.

AP:   PalmBeach counters still ignore inventor's advice re machine-caused dimples
    Jeb Bush's appointee Judge Burton slowly rejects most dimples as before.
AP:   Gore prepares to challenge Palm Beach total
DrudgeReport:   Rep.Jerrold Nadler's press conference on organized mob-rule
BushWatch:   Wonderful essay on "What Bush is hoping we'll forget."
NY Daily News:  
Palm Beach rejects inventor's advice; will cost Gore ~395 votes
Miami Herald (5):   Gore may fall short ~100 votes w/o Miami-Dade hand recount.
    Gore's gain grows to 369 in Broward County's recount of underpunches.
    Inventor and Elections Supervisor blame machine for dimples.
    Certification not likely to settle dispute.
    Legal Experts expect Fla.Supr.Crt. ruling will be upheld.
L.A. Times   1887 Statute is the key in U.S. Supreme Crt hearing, however.
NY Times:   Gore to contest WPB Recount - Conservative Freepers forum
    describes Jeb Bush appointee Judge Burton as "just going through the motions."
    {This is the judge that wanted SOS Harris's opinion before doing a hand count.}
NY Times:   Playing with Fire - excoriating courts of law can down U.S. system

Yahoo/ABC:   Chad ballot inventor says dimples should count   Orig.Story
AP:   Punch card ballot inventors said NO to 2-sided ballots
Salon:   Bush team criticizes chad ruling while referencing wrong decision - Rev'd
ABC:   Organized harrassment stopped hand-counting, per Election Supervisor
MSNBC:  "riotous thugs...under the direct control of the Republican Party"
Reuters:   Lieberman re orchestrated protests to intimidate recount committees
Newsday:   Harris's e-mail from Bush advisor re "transition" meeting
Salon:   Democrats in Nassau decide to toss recount additions
New Republic:   Electoral College voting - musings
CBS:   U.S.Supr Crt rejects challenge to fed. crt judge's allowance of hand counts
    Also, probable mob impact on Miami-Dade not counting 10,000 underpunches.
Reuters:   Leon County Circuit Judge Court hears appeal re military ballots
AP:   U.S. Supreme Crt hearing and effect on timing
Reuters:   U.S. Supreme Crt to hear Republicans against State ruling
NY Times:   The Glib Critics of the Courts (and the danger involved)

Miami Herald:   Gains in county recounts can push Gore past Bush
NY Daily News:   Summary of Wednesday's turbulent events
NY Times:   Reckless Republican Rhetoric - "risks undermining the rule of law."
NY Times:   Breaking Faith with the system
SF Chronicle:   Protest in Miami-Dade by Elian group has effect on the board.

MSNBC: Cantwell wins Senate Seat, Dems/Repubs now 50-50
FoxNews:   Fla. state appeals court upholds Miami-Dade stop of manual recount
The Times:   Mob Rule and Harrassment end canvassing recount
Salon:   Bush team criticizes chad ruling while referencing wrong decision
FoxNews:   Dimpled Chad Counts, Judge Rules
MSNBC News Bulletin:   Court: 'Dimpled' ballots OK...indents must be considered"
AP:   Bush OKs Lawyers to File Appeal
Reuters:   Bush to appeal to U.S. Supreme Court (Fed vs State)
AP:   Miami-Dade gives up recount due to short time-frame and harrassment
CNN:   'Dimpled' ballots count in Texas - per county administrator
NYTimes:   Eye of Recount Hurricane - calm, despite stories
Salon:   The "Uniter" divides the nation, bigtime (while Gore's lead grows to 300,000).
Florida Times-Union   The strange 27,000 disqualified ballots from Duval County
WashPost:   Comprehensive summary of Tuesday's Decision and events
NY Times:   Editorial " resolved conflicting statuatory language" in favor of voters.
FoxNews:   Full Text of Ruling in columnar format that's easy on the eyes
(In Memorium: A very special columnist and influence.   More)

TEXT VERSION of decision readable here and in downloadable ZIP here.
    The wording re "chad" cites Roudebush v. Hartke, 405 U.S. 15, 25 (1972).
URL for Florida Supreme Court Opinions (overloaded 11/21/00)
    SPECIFICIALLY the Elections 2000 case in ZIP   EXE   and PDF formats.
AP:   Top Florida Court OKs Late Recounts
    ABCNews   FoxNews "No blind faith in machines"
CNN TV:   Fla. Supr.Crt, in Unanimous decision, requires acceptance of
    amended certifications from counties by Nov. 26th. 10:50pm EST
NY Daily News   DC Doing the Limbo While Parties Rage
    "Precious transition time is being lost..."
AFP:   The implications of the Dimpled Chad standard
AP:   Count totals hinge on allowance of dimpled ballot counts for both camps
    (already ordered by county judges, awaiting higher calls)
AP:   Bush challenges Fla. Supr.Crt on any ruling re chad standards
AP:   Odd lawsuit based on 12th amendment disallowing same-state residency
AP:   Gore's 'Possible' Ballots Growing faster than ones for Bush
WashPost:   More than 5,000 ballots set aside (for now): partially-perforated
NY Times:   Fla.Supreme Ct Judges spare no one
WashPost:   Lay Off the Old Folk
WashPost:   More than 5,000 ballots set aside (for now): partially-perforated
Slate:   Pregnant chad okay in Texas, but should it be okay for Florida?

AP;   Reuters;   CNN;   ABC;   Fox;   CBS;   MSNBC  on Supr.Ct, military ballots
ABC:   Florida's Highest Court - profile

AP:   Bush fails in bid to stop Miami-Dade machine-run to sort out underpunches
Dick Morris:   A Statewide Hand Count is Inevitable (Gore leading nat'l vote)
Orlando Sentinel:   Ballot analysis suggests statewide handcount would favor Gore
    due to older punch machines in Dem areas missing so many votes.
Reuters:   Broward allows dimpled ballots per Miami-Dade & Palm Beach judges
Houston Chronicle:   Texas candidates who have won on hand-counts.
    - Describes holding ballots to the light as normal part of hand count there

NY Times:   Twists and Turns, Includes Texas's liberal chad-rules
NY Times: Editorial re Fla. Supreme Court ruling
NY Times:   Broward Co. Judge: Broward can accept unpunched ballots
NY Times:   A Dark Day Turns Less so for the Democrats - Background

AP:   Bush's Texas allows pregnant chads, "intent", and Bush signed the
         Texas law stating handcounts are preferred.
Philadelphia Daily News:   Bush votes for machines, not people  (good piece).
AP:   Fla. Supreme Ct: SOS may not certify winner "until further order" of the court.
ABC TV: Supreme Court has agreed to hear appeals on hand-recounts acceptance
    case on Monday. NO certifications allowed yet. Reported on ABC at 5:20pm
NY Times: Text of Gore Campaign Press Conference
AP:   Judge Lewis backs Fla. SOS Harris's right to reject hand-counts.   Appeal

Reuters:   Fla. Judge to Rule on Excluding Hand-Counts
NY Times:   Dem.Card recommendations caused Duval Co. overpunches
Newsday:   Gore Wins Fight to Keep Counting -- Fla.Supreme Court Text
Arizona Republic   More on 180,000 uncounted ballots
FreeRepublic:  Conservative forum reports Palm Beach double-punch ballot stats:
    These involved 19,120 ballots that were disqualified.
    Stats suggest: 70-90% were by Gore supporters; 7-14% by Bush supporters.
Palm Beach Post   Processing of the overseas ballots
NY Daily News   Drama behind Gore proposal and Bush/Harris rejections
NY Times   praises Gore's proposal and is critical of Bush response.
NY Times:   Running from the Vote
WashPost:   David Broder - Eye on Endgame, Gore Seizes the Moment
NY Times:   GOP involved in Fla. hand-counts Election Day and one day after?

WashPost:   Margins - Nat'l popular vote: 1 in 500;  Florida: 1 in 20,000
Bush rejects Gore's offers
AP:   Fla.Secr.of State denies all requests for hand-counts. No surprise.
Reuters:   Gore proposes statewide recount if that'll help. Also, MSNBC
ABC TV:   State Supreme Court makes its decision already (6pm EST):
  says No Consolidation and refuses to stop hand-counts.
AFP:   Fox probes Bush cousin's part in calling GWB 'winner' early
Salon:   Bush's cousin brags about feeding info to GWB during election nite
CNN:   Fed'l Crt says canvassing board may count dimpled chad.
Olympian/LATimes:   Florida machine recounts can exclude ballots!
NY Times   The abdication of 'discretion' - Judgment instructs Harris to drop
  her refusal to allow the late reporting of manually counted votes..."
Orlando Sentinel   Possibly 180,000 uncounted ballots (punch, esp.)
USA Today   Five ways election standoff could end

NYTimes:   FoxNews: Bush's cousin misused network; fed info Election nite.
NY Times:   Judge upholds deadlines, but allows exceptions.
FreeRepublicForum:   Interesting reactions from conservatives for Bush
AP:   Court upholds Fla. vote deadline. Appeal ready
AP:   Secr.of State/Co-Chairman, Bush Campaign says no hand-count -
  Chair of canvassing committee requested opinion; says bound by it: Suspension.  
  (CNN and FoxNews (TV) report Atty General Butterworth disagrees.)
NY Times:   A few more details, though still a summary.
MSNBC:   Harris's campaign ties
LA Times:   Bush cousin makes first TV call for "President" Bush: details.
WashPost:   Probability Bush cousin fed GWB inside info Election Night.
WashPost:   Judge asks Secr.of State what is the hurry.
Worcester Telegram & Gazette   Massachusetts banned punch card ballots
    neighborhoods - (31% in one area)
NY Times:   Harris's stance "a twisted exercise of her responsibility"
LA Times:   Gore/Bush teams floating deal for statewide hand count
CNN:   Gore considering state hand-count for all; Bush not interested.
NY Daily News:   3 Thrust into Limelight. (Interesting)
MSNBC:   500+ misrecorded ballots found in NewMexico - Gore leads.

Salon:   Duval: Most of the 20,000+ disqualified ballots: from minority areas.
Florida Times-Union:   Likely-Gore votes voided in Duval
    42% of the 27,000 were from minority areas.
The Telegraph:   Republicans air doubts over Bush/Baker tactics.
WashPost:   Bush's cousin made TV decision to declare Bush the winner
CNN TV reports Broward votes 2 to 1 not to hand-count 100%, although
    Gore recv'd 4 more in the 1% count.   Machines don't "see"
    partially punched holes but they consider it not an equipment problem.
Palm Beach Post:   Angry TV exchange marked recount.
Reuters:   Judge's decision on deadline comes Tuesday at 10:30am.
FreeRepublic.Com:   Posters say FoxNews reports judge is leaning toward
    extending hand-count deadline.
USAToday:   A Question of Trust
UPI:   Discretion allowable re deadline will be used in court battle.
AP:   Harris [Fla.Secr.of State] No Stranger to Controversy
Salon:   Secr.of State was Bush's Fla co-chairwoman in '99.
Reuters:   Gore's team joins county court challenge.
MSNBC:   Judge won't stop recount; Secr.of State holds to
    Tues.deadline though fees can be charged for each late day.
ABC:   Fla officials fear hand-count; will enforce deadline to stop it.
NY Times:   Palm Beach Co.-Tumult Grew Hourly.

NY Daily News:   Only TV goofs made perception that Bush won.
WashPost:   Repub Re-Scan finds Bush with 97 more votes.
WashPost:   Tragicomedy of Errors Fuels Volusia Recount.
The Times:   FBI called in re allegedly pre-punched ballots in minority areas.
ABC:   Fla.'s Secr.of State to thwart hand-count by enforc'g Tues deadline.

Miami Herald   7,000 Overseas Ballots are due yet.
NY Post:   Hand Count "terrifies" Bush - chadgate - Expert states:
    "Manual counts are the only absolute accurate way to determine the intent
       of voters whose chad didn't come through clean."

GovSpot.com   A total of 5 voters were registered with the Reform Party,
    in the 10 precincts with the most Buchanan votes (345).
Palm Beach Post:   Judge assigned to recount - interest in social issues.
NY Daily News:   "A Century of Faithless Electors"
NY Daily News   Bush's lucky life - a lighter look
NY Daily News   Full county hand-count - More details in this.
CNN:   Officers call for full hand recount in Palm Beach Co.
Palm Beach Post: What chads are acceptable?.
NY Post:   New punch rule - must have a "break" in it.
Palm Beach Daily:  Inside the recount process
            Mere indentations, indicating weak punches, were wisely rejected.
CNN:   Jeb Bush substitute to throw out counties that miss deadline
            of Tues 5pm on Recounts.
AP:   Florida Orders Countywide Recount.
CNN:   Nationwide protests (geocities.com/countercoup).
WashPost:   Bush signed manual-recount preference law.
Bloomberg:   New Florida Presidential Vote Possible, Experts Say.
WashPost:   Gore Could Win If Fla. Race is Unresolved by Dec. 18.
WashPost:   Hand Count Could Lift Gore Total.
Palm Beach Post:   "Election result could swing on hand tally today."
Bush Campaign seeks injunction to stop manual votecounts.
BIG story:   NY Times - Palm Beach:  Officials say system fell apart.

Fla.Times-Union:   Duval nullified 22,000 votes for double punching.
WashPost:   Palm Beach confused - complaints early and often
MSNBC:   What is the legal basis for contesting election?
Salon:   Bush's premature lunge for the Presidency
Salon:   The Fallacy of Nixon's graceful exit
LA Times:   Did Nixon Acquiesce as some think?
Salon:   Everything you need to know about the Florida recount
TimeDaily:   Electoral College vote without Florida???
Buchanan camp:   Bush claims are "nonsense."
Buchanan's sister cites ballot's "clear confusion."
Ann Coulter:   "stupid" "feeble-minded" "jackasses" of W. Palm Beach
AMPOL:   "Inside Information on the Florida Recount" - APJ
Judge Kathleen Kroll's background
Judge Kathleen Kroll grants injunction based on "confusing" ballot.
Ex-Mayor Suarez,convicted of election fraud, recruits absentee voters.

Florida Mess:   Duplicate ballots were sent overseas.

ABCNews:   More Irregularities - Confusion, bumbling, trooper intimidation
Salon:   Complaints re Ballot confusion, intimidating Highway Patrol troopers...
From a relative:   "Also, in Wakulla county, which is the county just south of ours,
      which has a population 73% black, some people are complaining because
      a police check point was set up on the road going to the polling place.
      People were detained and given tickets for things like broken tail-lights."


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