Andrys' Peru PhotoDiary, May '97

Curious Llama at Machu Picchu

New Peru books
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May 14 - May 28, 1997

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My Machu Picchu photos,
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  1. To Peru and, ultimately, Machu Picchu
  2. Colca Canyon, in Arequipa Region.
  3. City of Arequipa
  4. Leaving Arequipa and Colca Canyon
  5. Lake Titicaca
  6. Cuzco
  7. Sacred Valley
  8. Machu Picchu


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Here's a mapmap of the trip                              

Music of the Andes Andes Music, on CD
The photo above is of musicians who played during the day at the Machu Picchu Hotel's outside dining area when I was there in May '97.

The one below is taken by co-traveler M.A. Campbell. The pouch-purse worn around my neck and in front is recommended by Peruvians, who cautioned us quite often to wear them this way rather than on the shoulder. Although their primary concern seemed to be safety, this gave me a sense of freedom during the constant walking and step-climbing. The tiny Canon Elph camera was carried on my belt.

This 3-window'd temple is in what's thought of as the Sacred Plaza and is to the left of the Principal Temple. This shows 2 of the windows, one partially, and one 'closet.'

The Temple of the 3 Windows, Machu Picchu
The Temple of the 3 Windows, Machu Picchu

(Larger version, clickable, is 122k.)

Peru books
Recommended Peru Books

Click here (or on photo) to see recommended books.

    This is the first batch of books I've put together, as I'm often asked for resources. The best guide books I've run across are included here.
    Amazon tends to price their books at about 20-30% off list price.
The excellent "Exploring Cusco" by Peter Frost should be back in print June '99. Buy it in Cusco if not here.
    The photo is from one of my Machu Picchu pages.

Peru video
Especially Recommended Peru Video
Incas Remembered - Video from The Jarvis Collection
    I've quite a few videos of Peru but this is the one that in the present-day sequences most closely matches what I saw.   Most of it is about the highlands. The Incan scenes "remembered" are less fanciful than in other videos and are certainly interesting. It's my favorite video memory of Peru. Only 60 minutes, however.   Director: Peter Jarvis.
    You can use the video/DVD or "All" searchbox on my books-music-videos page or the CD Universe one there to search for similar movies.

Photos and text: Copyright © 1997 Andrys Basten*

My photos were taken with the small Canon Elph

The Canon Elph series are cameras about the size of a pack of playing cards.

The digital Canon a710, which I use now, samples here.

    Also, here's my review of the older model I used for this Peru series.

(The shots I'm in were taken by travel guru M.A. Campbell, including the close-up of the taller chullpa in Sillustani, and those were taken with a Canon EOS630.

        * (Those photos: Copyright © 1997 M.A. Campbell)

On the very last day, I also used a point & shoot Ricoh Shotmaster backup on four shots.

All photos I took were scanned with an HP Scanjet 4C from small prints processed by Sarbers in Berkeley and Kodak.

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Preliminary list of other Peru/World Images/Articles

    Excellent photo series and journals you shouldn't miss.

Photos: Copyright © 1997
Andrys Basten

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