The Canon SX10 IS

This SX10 IS  is still very popular despite release of the newer SX20 IS with HD video, because the newer one packs 12 megapixels into the same sized sensor, which produces more noise in still photos even at lower ISO settings.

Every other shot was taken with wide angle, and a 'big black pen' points to the location zoomed into in the shot following it.  I used about 80% zoom setting.

This one is from the window, and the 'black pen' points to the area I'll zoom in on.
(That's my piano music stand below.)

This is the zoomed-in area in the hills way distant, taken THROUGH A WINDOW.

This is at the Trader Joe mall area in El Cerrito.
The "pen" points to some flags.

These are the flags, building, and trees in the distance.

Same mall, but looking toward Ross's.  I am zooming in on the poster ads at bottom left.

A guy walked by the poster while I was pressing the shutter button.
I was at ISO80 (lowest for least grain) but shutter speed was 1/800, and aperture was F5
(That's the lowest opening I can go with 80% zoom on that camera.)

Karen asked about 100% zoom instead of 80% which I chose for framing subjects.
The window-scape tests are very boring, so here is more of the poster guy.

The next one is zoomed 100% and is shown full frame so you can see edge to edge
but I kept it within 800x600 so it doesn't distort with Mary Ann's browsers.
Note that ANOTHER guy is walking under the poster (just the top of his head).
Both walkers' images are quite a bit sharper than the poster image, which is soft.

The last one is the same 100% shot but left at a larger setting and cropped to fit 800x width or less.
Note that while the poster is a softer image, of course, you still get pretty good
detail in his shirt and in his whiskers under his chin and with the indentations in the forehead,
and also the teeth too - considering I'm standing where I was for the wider-angle shot earlier.
But both walkers are sharper as real life images vs the low-contrast tones of the poster.

Adding 3 more, taken at iso100.  Any others will go on my PBase area later.

This one is from a path at Point Isabel Dog Park, looking down and across at the bird (heron?).
Already zoomed in at 3x zoom so I could spot-meter the bird to avoid blown-out whites.

This is the zoomed-in bird at 20x, 100% optical zoom, using "digital-zoom ratio" of 2.28 beyond that.
The camera is capable of 80x with the digital zoom used (I normally avoid that but was testing).

And this is Maggie, graciously posing for the normal wider angle shot, at F4.